wordlist 9 the history of bicycles n.
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Wordlist 9 The History of bicycles PowerPoint Presentation
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Wordlist 9 The History of bicycles

Wordlist 9 The History of bicycles

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Wordlist 9 The History of bicycles

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  1. مرکز مطالعات و توسعه آموزش علوم پزشکی Wordlist 9The History of bicycles

  2. 1. Alteration (n.) Definition:  a change, usually a slight change, in the appearance, character, or structure of something: Synonym: change, adjustment, adaptation Example: Several police officers are being questioned about the alteration of the documents. Word Family: pre·al·ter·a·tion, noun pro·al·ter·a·tion, adjective re·al·ter·a·tion, noun

  3. 2. Bumpy (adj.) Definition: not smooth Synonym: rough, choppy Example: We drove along a narrow, bumpy road. Word Family: bump·i·ly, adverb bump·i·ness, noun

  4. 3. Design (v.) Definition:  to make or draw plans for something, for example clothes or buildings: Synonym: plan. Sketch, model Example: This range of clothing is specially designed for shorter women. Word Family: out·de·sign, verb (used with object) o·ver·de·sign, verb pre·de·sign, verb (used with object) re·de·sign, verb self-de·sign, noun

  5. 4. Fee (n.) Definition: an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service Synonym: cost, charge, Example: We couldn't pay the lawyer's fee. Word Family: fee·less, adjective o·ver·fee, noun su·per·fee, noun

  6. 5. Framework (n.) Definition: a supporting structure around which something can be built Synonym: body, skeleton, foundation Example: The bike has been made on a strong metal framework. Word Family: un·der·frame·work, noun

  7. 6. Individual (n.) Definition: a single person or thing, especially when compared to the group or set to which they belong Synonym: person, human being, guy Example: Every individual has rights which must never be taken away. Word Family: in·ter·in·di·vid·u·al, adjective non·in·di·vid·u·al, adjective su·per·in·di·vid·u·al, adjective, noun su·per·in·di·vid·u·al·ly, adverb trans·in·di·vid·u·al, adjective

  8. 7. Injure (v.) Definition: to hurt or cause physical harm to a person or animal Synonym: hurt, damage, wound Example: A bomb exploded at the embassy, injuring several people. Word Family: in·jur·a·ble, adjective in·jur·er, noun qua·si-in·jured, adjective re·in·jure, verb (used with object), re·in·jured, re·in·jur·ing. un·in·jured, adjective

  9. 8. Inherent (adj.) Definition: existing as a natural or basic part of something Synonym: intrinsic, Innate, inborn, implicit Example: I have an inherent distrust of lawyers. Word Family: in·her·ent·ly, adverb non·in·her·ent, adjective non·in·her·ent·ly, adverb un·in·her·ent, adjective un·in·her·ent·ly, adverb

  10. 9. Lever (n.) Definition: a bar or handle that moves around a fixed point, so that one end of it can be pushed or pulled in order to control the operation of a machine or move a heavy or stiff object Synonym: handle Example: He pulled the lever to unlock the door. Word Family: re·lev·er, verb (used with object)

  11. 10. Manufacturer Definition:  a company that produces goods in large numbers, producer Synonym: maker, producer, builder, constructor Example: Germany is a major manufacturer of motor cars Word Family:

  12. 11. Minimize (v.) Definition: to reduce something to the least possible level or amount Synonym: reduce, decrease, lessen Example: We must minimize the risk of infection. Word Family: min·i·mi·za·tion, noun min·i·miz·er, noun un·min·i·mized, adjective un·min·i·miz·ing, adjective

  13. 12. Overseas (adj.) Definition:  in, from, or to other countries Synonym: away, across, in a foreign country Example: We need to open up overseas markets Word Family:

  14. 13. Pillow (n.) Definition:  a rectangular cloth bag filled with soft material, such as feathers or artificial materials, used for resting your head on in bed Synonym: cushion, headrest Example: Do you prefer a feather pillow or a foam pillow? Word Family: pil·low·less, adjective pil·low·like, adjective un·pil·lowed, adjective

  15. 14. Primary (adj.) Definition:  more important than anything else; main Synonym: main, chief, key, prime Example: The Red Cross's primary concern is to preserve and protect human life. Word Family: pri·ma·ri·ness, noun post·pri·ma·ry, adjective sub·pri·ma·ry, adjective

  16. 15. Revolutionize (v.) Definition:  to completely change something so that it is much better: Synonym: transform, alter, reorganize Example: Newton's discoveries revolutionized physics. Word Family: rev·o·lu·tion·iz·er, noun qua·si-rev·o·lu·tion·ized, adjective un·rev·o·lu·tion·ized, adjective

  17. 16. Rear (adj.) Definition: at the back of something: Synonym: back, hinder Example: The horse had injured one of its rear legs. Word Family: un·reared, adjective well-reared, adjective

  18. 17. Steel (n.) Definition: a strong metal that is a mixture of iron and carbon, used for making things that need a strong structure, especially vehicles and buildings: Synonym: Example: a steel helmet Word Family: steel·like, adjective pre·steel, noun, adjective

  19. 18. Substitute (v.) Definition:  to use something or someone instead of another thing or person Synonym: replace with, exchange Example: You can substitute oil for butter in this recipe. Word Family: sub·sti·tut·a·ble, adjective sub·sti·tut·a·bil·i·ty, noun sub·sti·tut·er, noun sub·sti·tut·ing·ly, adverb sub·sti·tu·tion, noun

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