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illustration. By Nicole Taiji. Job Overview. using artistic techniques to develop and execute interpretations of the concepts of authors and designers to specifications.

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  1. illustration By Nicole Taiji

  2. Job Overview • using artistic techniques to develop and execute interpretations of the concepts of authors and designers to specifications. • Includes instruction in book illustration, fashion illustration, map illustration, rendering, exhibit preparation, textual layout, cartooning, and the use of various artistic techniques as requested by clients. • Consulting with clients to determine the nature and content of illustrations in order to meet their communications needs • Develop and produce realistic or representational sketches and final illustrations, by hand or using computer-assisted design (CAD) software, for printed materials such as books, magazines, packaging, greeting cards, stationery, etc

  3. Why Im Interested • I am interested in this career because it is something I have been doing ever since I was very young. I have always loved to draw, loved to design and make up characters and I’ve been taking art class ever since grade 8. This job appeals to me because I like to hear ideas of people and what they’re looking for and then take that into something of my own. This fits my personality and interests, and strengths because art is everything I love most and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my future doing what I love to do all the time and getting paid for that.

  4. Education pathway Emily Carr university of art and design, Vancouver BC Canadian students $ 10,700 High School Diploma with a C+ average calculated on four Grade 12 subjects. Must include senior Grade 12 English (with a minimum grade of C) plus one other provincial exam course, plus one other Grade 12 academic course. Transfer students must have appropriate credits from a post-secondary institution and a grade point average of 2.0. Application form and fee. Official transcripts, art portfolio, written submission, and resume. Application and interim or final transcripts deadline is February 1 and art portfolio deadline is mid-February.

  5. Salary/Future outlook estimates for this career have a mean hourly wage of $23.13 or yearly $48,110. On the low end it could be as little as $8.97 hourly or $18,650 a year. most Illustrators out of college will start with the possible exception of those who are incredibly talented. Top artists and ones who have built a reputation can demand and often receive much higher wages, the top 90 percent average around $40.30 per hour or approximately $80,820 a year.

  6. Working Conditions Most Illustrators work as freelancers. Meaning that they are not actually employed by a company but rather are hired to do a job and are paid accordingly the artist has to constantly be looking for new work and selling themselves and their abilities to new clients. Some illustrators base their prices on an hourly rate, others have a set cost per illustration

  7. Related occupations If My plan to be an Illustrator didn’t work out these are 3 other options I would consider: Interior Designer Creates and produces esthetic and functional designs for interior spaces in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Commercial Artist Creates or copies drawings or other artwork for use in business or industry. Retail and Wholesale buyer Select the merchandise which best fits the establishment's requirements

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