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donate eggs

donate eggs

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donate eggs

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  1. Donate Eggs Byhttp://donateeggs.net

  2. There are many couples who have a difficult time conceiving for various reasons. For some women, their ovaries cannot produce enough eggs to be able to conceive. In these cases, they can use donated eggs from another woman to become pregnant. • These donated eggs can be obtained from a egg donor bank from an anonymous donor or can be a relative or friend that you ask personally. Because egg donation is a lot more complex than sperm donation, there are a lot more restrictions that come with it as well.

  3. Eggs generally can be donated by women between the ages of 21-35. 21 for legal reasons and 35 because any older than that, the less fertile the donor women are. There are other medical and legal restrictions as well, depending on the clinic. Some places prefer to receive donations from women who have successfully donated before or women who have a track record of fertility. Because the process for donating eggs is so involved, medical professionals want to allow for the best outcome.

  4. Again, egg donation is very complicated and involved. It involves multiple preliminary visits to the infertility clinic for physical and psychological examination. Various tests will be done to ensure viability. Additionally, the doctor and other medical personnel will go over extensively the legal and medical ramifications of the entire process. This process of informing the donor has not always been up to par. Recent government regulations have provided for every opportunity for the donor and the recipient to be adequately informed.

  5. Once the donor is approved medically, psychologically and legally, the egg donor will go through a 40 minute surgery to remove her eggs. Then the donated egg will be fertilized in vitro, i.e. in a test tube, until fertilization into an embryo is successful. • Once the egg is successfully fertilized, the embryo or embryos will be surgically transplanted into the recipient woman. Once the process is complete and the recipient woman gives birth to the child, the child becomes legally her child.

  6. Donating Eggs can be Lucrative • The money that donor women can making from donating eggs are steadily climbed over the years. Because of the involved process, it brings in a lot more money that sperm donation. Women donating their eggs can make anywhere from $5,000 - 10,000 or more from doing this. • Someone may approach you specifically to ask for your eggs, at which you might be able to make a lot more. Infertility clinics at the turn of the 21st century was offering upwards of $5,000, but now, New York State may be offering up to $10,000 according to a recent news story.

  7. There are many critics who say that poor women will start donating eggs hard pressed by their financial situation, wanting to make money and that this will exploit them. In any case, the money women can make from egg donations seem to be on the rise.

  8. Donate Eggs For more information, please visit http://donateeggs.net

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