while i take attendance please fill n.
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While I take attendance please fill out the notecard….. PowerPoint Presentation
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While I take attendance please fill out the notecard…..

While I take attendance please fill out the notecard…..

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While I take attendance please fill out the notecard…..

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  1. While I take attendance please fill out the notecard…..

  2. Welcome to Chemistry! Instructor: Mrs. Reisener Room # 812 (480) 575-2504

  3. A Few Elemental Chemistry Jokes… • If H-two-O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice? A: H-two-O-CUBED! • Why do chemists call helium, curium, and barium the medical elements? A: Because if you can't helium or curium, you barium! • What do you call a joke that is based on cobalt, radon, and yttrium? A: CoRnY.

  4. About Me About Me • My 18th year at CSHS and 20th year of teaching. I have also taught middle school science. • Undergraduate and graduate degrees in geology from UT-Austin and UMass-Amherst. • I like to collect rocks, minerals, and fossils and to go to gem and mineral shows. I like hiking too! • I have an 12 year old daughter named Aubreigh. • Mr. Reisener (physics and geology teacher) is my husband but we did not meet at CSHS. We met at UMass-Amherst. • Fun Fact!! You can spell ReISeNEr from element symbols of the Periodic Table! Try to spell your first or last name that way. It’s really fun!

  5. Why I teach high school science • I like science and sharing what I’ve learned with others! • I like introducing young people to chemistry for the first time! • I like the excitement, fun, and humor that young people bring to the classroom! • I like preparing young people for their futures!

  6. Some of What Are We Going to Learn and Do in Chemistry • Properties, structure, and the classification of matter • Describing physical and chemical changes in matter • The development of the Modern Atomic Theory • The Periodic Table of the Elements • Types of chemical bonds and their influence on the properties and behavior of matter • Chemical reactions and nuclear reactions • Proper measurement methods and working in the chemistry laboratory • Calculations in chemistry

  7. Learning Chemistry can be Challenging, but… • We do a lot of fun, collaborative, and hands-on activities! • We push you to challenge yourself! • We will help you learn to think in new ways! In real life you cannot simply memorize the answers….you must be able to problem solve and think outside the box! • We will help prepare you for college and future jobs! Chemistry is a gateway course to many careers (natural sciences, food science, engineering, environmental, health, medical, pharmacy, cosmetology, etc.)

  8. Chemistry Classroom Rules – Its About Respect, Safety, and FALCON PRIDE! Wear your student ID. It must be on a lanyard around your neck! Be on time to class, in seat at bell, and ready to begin with notebook open and work out. No food or drink is permitted, except water. We are a nut-free classroom. Nocell phones can be on you or visible at any time unless with prior teacher approval. They must be turned off/muted and placed inside backpacks before entering the classroom! No horseplay in the classroom or lab (zero-tolerance policy). The safety of all comes first! Be kind and respectful to others and to classroom materials and equipment. Clean up! Participate (to maximize learning). Use your time wisely (to minimize homework) These rules are adapted from FALCON PRIDE (see our school posters!)

  9. Our Chemistry Book • Bring your covered book on Wednesday, Aug. 14 (for points). • You do NOT need it every day, but… • Bring it when requested to do so.

  10. Supplies Needed Every Day 3-ring binder (1” to 2”) with 5 dividers Notebook paper Pen, pencil, and eraser Metric Ruler Set of colored pencils or markers Grading pen and highlighter A scientific calculator (non-graphing). Make sure it has an exponent key (EE, EXP). A Positive Attitude!!! BRING ALL THIS TO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY, AUG. 14. (For Points)

  11. Exponent Key – EE, EXP, x10n Used for dealing with very big and verysmall numbers! Avogadro’s Number: 6.02 x 1023particles Planck’s Constant: 6.626 x 10-34 J▪s

  12. Acceptable Non-Graphing Scientific Calculators Put your name on your calculator in SHARPIE marker. Do NOT throw away the instruction manual!!

  13. Acceptable Non-Graphing Scientific Calculators I find these two a bit harder to use than the previous three, but if you have either of these two calculators, we can still use them. The Dollar Store also has scientific calculators For $1.00!

  14. Entering the Classroom Procedure • Accept the papers at the door that the teacher hands to you as you are greeted! • Proceed promptly and purposefully to your desk, refraining from pausing in the back of the room or at your friend’s desk to talk. • Open your binder, insert your new papers, take out your completed homework from the previous day, and begin on the new warmup activity that is posted on the front board. Once finished, read the board and your new handouts in order to see what we will be learning and doing. I will be around to check your homework.

  15. What about the Rest Room? • You must ask me for the pass and sign out sheet. You must fill out the sign out sheet fully and legibly. The office collects these sheets weekly. • Please choose an appropriate time to ask (during class transitions is best). • For the majority of the time, take care of personal business during passing periods and at lunch. • Do not come to class and then immediately ask me to go to the restroom. Stop there on your way to my room instead. • First and Last Ten Minutes of Class – no Passes Written – school policy. • Extra credit points awarded at end of semester for not using your “out of class” passes (3) • You really cannot afford to miss class time! Use the pass sparingly! I will notify administration about those persons who are abusing the pass.

  16. Easy First Assignment! Download, print, read, sign (all spots), and bring for Monday, 8/12/19: • Syllabus (1 copy). All pages. Signed! • Safety contract (2 copies). Both Signed! • Cover textbook! (see funny video clip) Bring text and other supplies to class on Wednesday , 8/14/19. Have at least paper, pencil/pen, and folder until then.

  17. How to Access My Web Page • Demo… - Main page - Dowloads and supplies list - Calendar - Digital learning - Cover your book video clip (vintage and awesome!)

  18. Student Computer Login • Use the following for your password: yyyymmdd (8 digits) • For example, if you were born on January 05, 1998 19980105 • Change your passwords ASAP to something you can remember! • All students have school gmail at:

  19. Enrollment • P. 1 Text “@jreisp1” to 81010 • P. 2 Text “@jreisp2” to 81010 • P. 3 Text “@jreisp3” to 81010 • P. 4 Text “@jreisp4” to 81010 • P. 6 Text “@jreisp6” to 81010

  20. Google Classroom Enrollment Log into google account using student email: Click the “Waffle” and Choose Google Classroom Click the “+” to add a new class. • Period 1: 2s7erp • Period 2: txh15qe • Period 3: hf39kp • Period 4: 1y70e4 • Period 6: j9g4sk

  21. At the end of class… The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Stay seated. I will always try to let you out on time! Cleanup is the last 1-2 minutes of class, not before then unless we are doing a lab. Please do not line up at the door. Sometime I do a “ticket” out the door.