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Yacht Brokerage and Charter Company in Dubai, UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Yacht Brokerage and Charter Company in Dubai, UAE

Yacht Brokerage and Charter Company in Dubai, UAE

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Yacht Brokerage and Charter Company in Dubai, UAE

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  1. Royal Yachts Yacht Brokerage and Charter Company in Dubai, UAE

  2. Yacht Charter Dubai Who can forget Dubai, when it comes to yacht charter tours? One of the most vibrant cities in the world, lying by the Persian Gulf is amongst the most preferred destinations across the globe for all yachting and sailing trips. 

  3. Benefits of Yacht Charter Yacht chartering is one of a lifetime experiences for the sailors. Allowing long-distance trips, yacht charters are specially designed and a perfect option for those looking for private sailing with family or friends. You get complete privacy and at the same time, you have the complete control of managing your charter as per your requirement. You can halt, take a choose to go on adventure trips and even change your charter plans and routes if so, you wish, of course, you will have to inform the owner about it if you have hired it from a yachting company or a friend. The idea is since it is a private charter, you reserve the right to make changes to the plan as and when you wish to, which is not possible with plans that are not private. 

  4. Why you need Yacht Charter Company If you are planning a yacht charter tour, and you do not own a personal yacht, then you will have to go to a yacht charter company to find one. Since they are professionals and are skilled in yachting, they can be of great help to you when you decide to go for long-distance sailing. You also get a skipper to sail your boat, if you are not experienced in sailing. And even if you are a veteran, it is advisable that you hire a skipper for sailing so that you can enjoy the trip with your loved ones properly. Only a yacht charter company can help you find a professional skipper for your yacht and also get you a well-equipped luxury yacht for your tour purpose, if you do not own one.

  5. Selecting the Best Yacht Charter Company in Dubai Search them online or offline or through some contact, you will need to consult with them before booking your yacht charter with any of the yacht charter company in Dubai. Talk to multiple companies and book only with the one that best meets your chartering requirement. Tell the companies what you are looking for and see if they are willing to offer all that you need at a reasonable cost. 

  6. How’s Royal Yachts the Best for You? Royal Yachts is one of the most reputed names in the sphere of yacht brokerage, yacht management and servicing, consultancy and chartering services in Dubai, UAE. In the yacht industry for more than a decade now, the company is also an exclusive dealer for several international yacht brands like Sanlorenzo and Fairline, etc. It has got a huge fleet of pleasure boats, luxury yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts to meet the diverse demands of its customers from everywhere. 

  7. Our Experience as a Yacht Charter We have got a vast experience in yacht chartering along with yachts for sale, brokerage, management, and occasional yachts rentals. The wide selection of yacht charter tours includes trips to almost every captivating part of the world. We have mini and super boats of all sizes with a wide array of features to select from. The team at Royal Yachts is highly qualified and skilled in their areas of work and are perfected to meet your expectations. Our yacht charter services are exclusive and designed keeping your unique interests in mind. 

  8. Our Experience as a Yacht Charter You can choose from a wide selection of locally and internationally built yachts and superyachts of your choice. Few of the most internationally renowned brands that you can pick from include: Sanlorenzo, Fairline, BellaBoats, SeaBob, etc. 

  9. Contact us for yacht charter Service Office #1004, Boulevard Plaza, Tower 2, Downtown, Dubai, UAE Office Phone: +971 4 551 4040 Yacht Charter Department: +971 50 226 6906 Yacht Sales Department: +971 50 884 4109 Email: