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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

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  1. Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

  2. 100 Day Initiatives Station Activities Countdown spot to run on November 10 “Less than 100 days” spot to run from 11/11-11/17 Animated graphic bugs to run each day Download at Consider analog shut-off test Checklist available News coverage of DTV issues Converter box setup, antennas, apply for coupons now

  3. 100 Day Requirements Under NAB Plan (Option 2) Each station must air at least one of the following, once per day: Graphic Display Animated Graphic Graphic and Audio Display Any of above must be 5-15 seconds in length Show number of days remaining until transition to digital Include phone number and/or website for more details Longer Form Reminders “Ask the Expert” segment/Q&A 2-5 minutes

  4. 100 Day Requirements Erin Dozier Associate General Counsel NAB On the Phone: Ann Bobeck Associate General Counsel NAB

  5. Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

  6. DTV Transition Wilmington Experiment Challenges Multiple, confusing messages Hard-to-reach populations Technical/emergency issues Short timeline Severe weather

  7. DTV Transition Wilmington Experiment 97% awareness in August, held through September Results: 553 callers (29 percent) lost one or more channels – many WECT 407 callers (22 percent) “weak or spotty” signals/antenna problems 329 callers (18 percent) had trouble installing converter boxes 185 callers (10 percent) had problems with or awaited coupons 163 callers (9 percent) knew about the switch but waited too long 91 calls (5 percent) to FCC were unaware of switch, switch date or thought it would not affect them 53 callers (3 percent) were satellite subscribers with local-into-local 22 callers (2 percent) were cable plus households The 25 remaining callers (2 percent) had other problems

  8. DTV Transition Wilmington Experiment Lessons Learned Saturating with ads still may miss vulnerable populations Small number of late adopters will not upgrade in time Stations should urge viewers to take action early Analog shut-off tests can be helpful in gathering information Coordination between stations and pay service providers Periodic, structured conference calls with station GMs and engineers Working with local organizations, especially social workers

  9. Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

  10. DTV Action Spots New Messaging Urge viewers to enjoy digital NOW Help others make transition Assist with coupon application Hook up converter box Get right antenna DTV checklist New spots being delivered week of Nov. 18

  11. Challenge: Coupons NTIA • 32,682,800 coupon applications received from 17,456,451 households • 13,091,287 coupons redeemed • 10,184,470 coupons expired • Average daily order: 128,969coupons per day • 79 converter boxes certified, 44 with analog pass through available in retail stores

  12. Challenges: Coupons NTIA • Projections • Possible 6 week turnaround • Challenges

  13. Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

  14. Challenge: Antennas Some viewers may need to upgrade… • 1295 stations relocating to a channel different than their NTSC channel; many across bands • UHF antennas can’t pick up low VHF, and vice versa • Stations moving from UHF to VHF, or from VHF to UHF • May need rooftop or amplified antenna to pick up DTV signals • Multidirectional antennas should be promoted • Promote

  15. Challenge: Signal Contours Some stations’ analog signals are stronger than digital… Solution: Newer, better, higher antennas Solution: Communicate with viewers Newscasts Spots

  16. Challenge: Re-Scan

  17. Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

  18. Challenge: Re-Scanning Re-scanning channels is crucial Channels will move around as 2/17/09 approaches Stations can maintain branding for their channels because of PSIP (Program and System Informational Protocol), but… Viewers will need to re-scan if channels that were previously received disappear and after 2/17/09 when the channel relocations must be completed

  19. Challenge: Call Center Answering viewer questions… Approx. 2000 calls in Wilmington Directed to FCC But, on Feb 18th, calls will be directed to stations

  20. DTV Transition

  21. Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

  22. Best Practices Station Analog Shut-Off Tests Simulating digital-only during newscasts Approx. 144 stations in 49 markets thus far Upcoming state-wide tests Pennsylvania North Carolina Virginia Arizona Guide available at

  23. DTV Transition Weekly DTV E-mail (Wednesdays) Satellite feed information Latest details also at New station tools added to website Webcast information News and regulatory updates Highlight station best practices

  24. Outreach: NAB to Stations Resources • All station tools available at: • DTV Style Guide and Messaging Toolkit • Graphic elements available for stations: • Station Checklist: • “Cheat Sheet” to handle viewer phone calls • Sample op-ed on DTV Transition • Teaser copy for station news stories: • Sample crawls for stations:

  25. DTV Transition 103 Days Left!