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  1. Wireline-Broadband

  2. What is Broadband ? • As per recent Broadband Policy of GOI, access rate over 256 Kbps will be considered as Broadband access BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  3. Definition of broadband • The “Broadband Policy 2004” defines the broadband connectivity as “An ‘always-on’ data connection that is able to support interactive services including Internet access at high speed and has the capability of the minimum download speed of 256 kilo bits per second (kbps) to an individual subscriber from the Point Of Presence (POP) of the service provider intending to provide Broadband service where multiple such individual Broadband connections are aggregated and the subscriber is able to access these interactive services including the Internet through this POP BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  4. Telecom Network • Switching Network • Transmission Network • Data Network • Access Network BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  5. Access Network • There are four options: • Copper Based • Fiber Based • Radio Based • Hybrid – like HFC BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  6. Copper Based Access • Traditional – 4 Khz or 64 Kbps • Or Broadband with xDSL technologies likeHDSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL • Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) • CaTV • Power Line BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  7. Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL)

  8. Types of DSL ( Or xDSL ) • X == H, A, S, I, V • HDSL--High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line • ADSL--Asymmetric bit rate DSL • SDSL--Symmetrical DSL • IDSL---Intermediate bit rate DSL • VDSL--Very high bit rate asymmetric DSL BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  9. xDSL Family Tree • xDSL • Symmetric DSL • Provide identical data rates upstream & downstream • Asymmetric DSL • Provide relatively lower rates upstream but higher rates downstream • Four main variations of xDSL exist: • ADSL-Asymmetrical Digital Sub’s Line • HDSL-High bit/data rate Digital Sub’s Line • VDSL-Very-high-data-rate Digital Sub’s Line • IDSL-ISDN Digital Sub’s Line BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  10. ADSL • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line • Used for applications which require greater download bandwidth but require relatively little in opposite direction like Web browsing; File downloads • An ADSL circuit connects an ADSL modem on each end of a twisted pair telephone line creating three information channels • A high speed downstream channel • A medium speed duplex channel • A basic telephone service channel BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  11. ADSL • The basic telephone service channel is split off from the digital modem by splitter at client site • Allows simultaneous access to the line by the telephone and the computer • In case of power/ADSL failure, data transmission is lost but basic telephone service will be operational • Provides • 16-640 kbps upstream • 1.5-9 mbps downstream • Can work up to a distance of 3.7 to 5.5 kms depending upon the speed required BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  12. ADSL • Data Rate - Wire Size – Distance • Customers beyond these distances can be reached with fiber based DLC systems BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  13. ADSLCPE Splitter ADSL Deployement Today Home/Office Curb Central Office ADSL up to 5Km Data switch DSLAM SPLITTERS Voice Switch BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  14. DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) • The DSL Access Multiplexer, popularly known as DSLAM, is employed by the Telecom Companies to code the subscriber line with the broadband data content. Once the ADSL copper line reaches the customer, some customer premises equipment (CPE) has to be employed to separate the voice and data signals. •  In many cases the Splitter function is combined within the DSL Modem CPE equipment, which is also known sometimes as a ‘Set-top Box’. BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  15. Features •  Surf the Internet at a blinding speed of 256 Kbps and above upto 2 Mbps. This is at least 4.5 times and upto 35 times faster than a dial-up connection. •  Always-On Internet connection for 24 hrs 365 days. •  Talk on the phone and simultaneously surf the Internet. •  No separate phone line is needed – you can have broadband connection on your existing phone line. •  You don’t have to pay for Internet phone call charges at all. BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  16. ADSL Applications • High speed Internet access • Telemedicine • Tele education • Home Office------ Tele-working • Home shopping • Video on Demand • TV/Video broadcast • Normal Phone/Fax BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  17. What equipments are needed for a connection ? • You only need to have your computer with a Network Interface Card (NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and RJ45 socket. We will install a CPE (short form of Customer Premise Equipment - consisting of a splitter and an ADSL modem) and connect broadband Internet to your computer and also phone line to your phone. You may get CPE free of cost under certain conditions. BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA

  18. What is Always-On service ? • ‘Always-On’ means that the broadband sets up a permanent connection to the Internet  that lets you access the Internet as soon as you switch on the computer and the CPE and do an instant log-in with your user name and password. BSNL/ BROADBAND /BATHINDA