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What and why of process excellence models Adaptive Processes Consulting PowerPoint Presentation
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What and why of process excellence models Adaptive Processes Consulting

What and why of process excellence models Adaptive Processes Consulting

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What and why of process excellence models Adaptive Processes Consulting

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  1. What and why of process excellence models Adaptive Processes Consulting Experience World Class Processes!www.AdaptiveProcesses.comAn ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Experience World Class Processes!

  2. Every morning… Every day morning, when a deer wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning, a lion wakes up, it knows that it must outrun the slowest deer or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a deer; When the sun comes up, you'd better be running. Experience World Class Processes!

  3. Quotable quotes….. • Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival .- Edward Deming • I do not know much about Quality, but I am sure of one thing, if Quality is good, Customers come back, else products come back. – Margaret Thatcher • Quality is never an accident: it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. -William A Foster • Losing market share, losing confidence of customers, or going out of business are not punishments of God – they are usually the results of an inability to change and improve the way things get done. Experience World Class Processes!

  4. Business Scenario Experience World Class Processes!

  5. Imperatives for Business Success Be aware and alert Adhere to security standards and policies Protect business Experience World Class Processes!

  6. 4 Pillars of business Technology People Partners Process Experience World Class Processes!

  7. What and why of processes? Series of activities done in a coordinated manner to achieve desired results Experience World Class Processes!

  8. Why focus on systems? • Ensure better, quicker output • Assure work will be completed in time with desired quality and estimated cost / within budget • Reduce rework and improve productivity • Increase organizational knowledge base • Reduce person dependencies • Reduce variance • Work smarter than work harder Experience World Class Processes!

  9. Demystifying processes • Processes are rigid • Correct process design will ensure good fit to our projects • It’s an overhead • It is an insurance against project tragedies! • Processes slow down work • The fastest way to reach destination may not be the safest one! • Processes stifle creativity • Continuous improvement is one key requirement for most models! • It adds documentation • Processes can be simple yet effective with minimal documentation Experience World Class Processes!

  10. Underlying premise of process improvement “Quality of a product or service is largely determined by the quality of the process that is used to develop and maintain it.” Experience World Class Processes!

  11. Modern systems thinking • Prevention is better than cure • Quality is built in, not inspected in • Systems view – 80% of your problems are because of the system, not people • Plan – Do – Check – Act Principle for continual improvement Experience World Class Processes!

  12. Standards and standards….. 27001 PCMM 20000 14001 18001 Experience World Class Processes!

  13. Changing over time • ISO 9001 – 1994, 2000, 2008 • BS 15000 - ISO 20000 – 2005, 2011 • CMM to CMMI – v1.0, 1.1, 1.2, now 1.3 • BS 7799 – ISO 17799 – ISO 27001 • ITIL – V2 then V3 Experience World Class Processes!

  14. Standards are order of the day • Competitive advantage in market place • Streamline their processes to achieve better Quality and Productivity • Customer requirements • Legal requirements • Address attrition issues • Each standard brings in specific focus area for improvement Experience World Class Processes!

  15. Challenges So little time? So many standards!!! They are changing People recruited seem to have lesser experience day by day So many audits? How can we continually improve our delivery capability? Our systems are changing slower than our business needs Experience World Class Processes!

  16. Challenges faced by organizations Too many requirements More than 2000 requirements 80+ processes 50 + policies 60+ data requirements 20+ trainings Numerous audits and assessments for projects. Large effort needed in upkeep of the management system Experience World Class Processes!

  17. Challenges faced by organizations Confusion of terminology “Document Control” in ISO 9001 becomes “Configuration Management” in CMMI, “Corrective and Preventive Actions” in ISO 9001 becomes ‘Causal Analysis and Resolution” in CMMI. Service continuity vs. Business Continuity Projects face ever increasing demands on schedule, quality, productivity, staffing and attrition Experience World Class Processes!

  18. Causes behind the challenges Many organizations think that the framework is their system Available frameworks are inputs to organization’s system development – they themselves should not be used the organization’s system Many disconnected initiatives Each model implementation is a separate initiative Difficulty in integrating multiple models /standards into one improvement program Experience World Class Processes!

  19. Causes behind the challenges Viewing organizational processes from standard’s perspective 23 Processes for 23 Process Areas of CMMI Change management process – one for CMMI and one for ISO 27001 Lack of comprehensive integrated data management system Excessive emphasis on documenting and assessing processes Bookish view of process implementation Experience World Class Processes!

  20. Adaptive’s system development approach Clients Existing System Clients Project Management Experiences Adaptive experiences Clients QMS Experience World Class Processes!

  21. Adaptive’s system development approach • The system shall be as simple as possible • System shall be designed in layered architecture • Maximum possible re-use of existing documentation and practices • Usage of terms as practiced in the organization • Systems shall be made role-specific Experience World Class Processes!

  22. Adaptive – World’s leading multi-model implementation partner First company in the world to develop a management system and management system deployment system (GRCPerfect) catering to needs of following standards • ISO 9001 • CMMI • ISO 27001 • Balanced Score Card • PCMM • BS 25999 • HIPAA • Agile (In progress) • ISO 20000 and ITIL (In progress) Experience World Class Processes!

  23. Adaptive – World’s leading multi-model implementation partner • 10 Multiple multi-model implementation experience Experience World Class Processes!

  24. Adaptive – World’s leading multi-model implementation partner • Practical approach to solve a business need - All our senior consultants come with significant software development experience • Adaptive has is a software development unit of its own. • Integrated Quality, Security, HR Management System • eLearnings on ISO, CMMI, IIBA frameworks Experience World Class Processes!

  25. Introduction to Popular IT Standards / Frameworks / Best Practices Experience World Class Processes!

  26. What and Why of ISO 9001 Experience World Class Processes!

  27. ISO 9001 Standard World’s most widely adopted standard Specifies requirements for a quality management system Organization that need to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements Experience World Class Processes!

  28. Purpose and Applicability of ISO 9001 Aims to enhance customer satisfaction through effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements. All requirements of the standard are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, product or service provided. Experience World Class Processes!

  29. ISO 9001 process approach Continual Improvement of the Quality ManagementSystem Management Responsibility Measurement, Analysis, Improvement Resource Management Product Realization Product Customer Satisfaction Customer Requirements Inputs Outputs Experience World Class Processes!

  30. Benefits and limitations of ISO 9001 • Benefits • World wide acceptance • Moderate implementation difficulty • Moderate cost of assessment – Approx. 4K USD • Moderate cost – Approx 6K USD • Annual periodic audits • Most other ISO frameworks share some similarity with ISO 9001 • Approx. time frame – 6 to 8 months • Limitations • Does not carry significant marketing muscle as a large # of companies are already certified • Quality of external audits are a suspect Experience World Class Processes!

  31. What and Why of ISO 27001 Experience World Class Processes!

  32. Organizations are constantly under threat Experience World Class Processes!

  33. Disasters can cripple business Lightning Heat and Humidity EM Radiation Loss of transport / Traffic Jam Terrorist Attack Pandemic Experience World Class Processes!

  34. So the implications are… • Business continuity and information security are essential to maintain competitive edge, cash-flow, profitability, legal compliance and commercial image • It is extremely critical for organizations to identify, assess and take preventive / corrective measures for risks that it faces • It is legally required to protect information that customers provide it Experience World Class Processes!

  35. ISO 27001 • Specifies requirements for a Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) • Organization that need to demonstrate its ability to protect customer data, continue business under adverse conditions and meet applicable regulatory requirements • World’s most widely adopted information security standard Experience World Class Processes!

  36. Establish ISMS Monitor and review the ISMS ISMS process approach Interested Parties Interested Parties Implement and operate ISMS Maintain and Improve ISMS Information Security Requirements and expectations Managed information Security Experience World Class Processes!

  37. Benefits of ISO 27001 are • Protection of information assets • Better preparedness to face disasters • Better legal Compliance • Better utilization of IT assets • Safer work place • Aware workforce • Provides for a market differentiator • Reduced insurance cost • Better employer branding Experience World Class Processes!

  38. Benefits and Limitations of ISO 27001 • Benefits • Widely adopted and accepted • Moderate to high implementation difficulty • Low cost of assessment – Approx. 5K USD • Moderate cost – Approx. 8K USD • Annual periodic audits • Approx. time frame – 8 to 10 months • Limitations • May require investment IT infrastructure Experience World Class Processes!

  39. Key Aspects Of ISO 27001 • Organizational security policy • To provide management direction and support for information security • Helps compliance with legislative & contractual requirements • Organizational security infrastructure • Security steering committee – representatives from each function • Approval for any new information processing facility • Security with respect to outsourcing contracts / third party access Experience World Class Processes!

  40. Key Aspect of ISO 27001 – Cont. 2 • Asset classification and control • Accountability for assets • Inventory of assets • Information classification, handling • Personnel security • Recruitment • Non-disclosure • User training • Reporting security incidents • Disciplinary process Experience World Class Processes!

  41. Key Aspect of ISO 27001 – Cont. 3 • Physical and environmental security • Physical entry controls • Securing offices, rooms and facilities • Precautions to be taken while working in secure areas • Equipment sitting and protection • Protecting power, cabling • Equipment maintenance • Off-site equipment protection • Clear desk and screen policy Experience World Class Processes!

  42. Key Aspect of ISO 27001 – Cont. 4 • Communications and operations management • Documented operating procedures • Production operational change control • Incident management procedures • Separation of development and production environment • System planning and acceptance • Capacity planning • Virus protection and Back-up • Email security • Protection of company web-site Experience World Class Processes!

  43. Key Aspect of ISO 27001 – Cont. 5 • Access control • Password policy and management • Monitoring system access • Remote connectivity • Mobile working • Systems development and maintenance • Security requirements analysis and specification • Data encryption • Control of production environment Experience World Class Processes!

  44. Key Aspect of ISO 27001 – Cont. 6 • Business continuity • Identify and evaluate risks • Develop continuity measures • Testing, maintaining and re-assessing business continuity plans • Compliance • Compliance with legal requirements • Identification of applicable legislation • Intellectual property rights • Safeguarding of organizational records • Data protection and privacy of personal information Experience World Class Processes!

  45. What and Why of ISO 20000 Experience World Class Processes!

  46. Business scenario Experience World Class Processes!

  47. Benefits of ITSM Implementation • Provides confidence to clients on organization’s ability to provide high quality IT services • Structured change management • Helps in being prepared for disasters • Secures companies information assets • Better management of incidents • Provides for a market differentiator Experience World Class Processes!

  48. ISO 20000-1 Processes Experience World Class Processes!

  49. Benefits and Limitations of ISO 20000 • Benefits • Specifically developed for IT Service management system • Medium Implementation difficulty • Moderate cost of assessment – Approx. 5K USD • Moderate cost – Approx. 10 K USD • Annual periodic audits • Large overlap with ISO 27K, ITIL and ISO 9K • Approximate is 6 – 8 months. • Limitations • May require investment IT infrastructure Experience World Class Processes!

  50. What and Why of ITIL Experience World Class Processes!