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Simple Sentences

Simple Sentences. Say something about this picture. Say something about this picture. Say something about this picture. PATTERN 1. Jennifer is pretty . Brenda is kind . Sidur was funny . l am friendly . MSU students are kind . His motorcycle is old . Her car is red.

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Simple Sentences

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  1. Simple Sentences

  2. Say something about this picture.

  3. Say something about this picture.

  4. Say something about this picture.

  5. PATTERN 1 • Jennifer ispretty. • Brenda iskind. • Sidur wasfunny. • l amfriendly. • MSU students arekind. • His motorcycle isold. • Her car isred.

  6. What color is the car?

  7. What is the teddy bear like?

  8. How is Julia?

  9. Describe these fishes.

  10. How are the twins?

  11. What is Mr. Bean like?

  12. PATTERN 2 • Nu Hin is a maid. • Kuimanee Hangdee isa gardener. • They are carpenters. • You are students. • This is a chair. • David Beckham is a football player. • That is a digital camera.

  13. Who is Somrak Khamsing?

  14. Who is Maneenut?

  15. Who are they?

  16. What does Puang do?

  17. What does Kenneth do?

  18. Who is this lady?

  19. What does Kuem do?

  20. Who is Mariah Carey?

  21. PATTERN 3 • My books areon the table. • MSU isin Maha Sarakham province. • Her office isnext to Siam Commercial Bank. • Their houses areclose to the river. • MK Police Station isin front of the fresh market.

  22. Where are these pyramids?

  23. Where are these people?

  24. Where are these two MSU graduates?

  25. Where are John and his sister?

  26. The LeaningTower of Pisa Where is the photographer?

  27. Where are Dawson and Jerry?

  28. Where are the bats?

  29. Where is the blue egg?

  30. Where are they?

  31. PATTERN 4 • The dog ran away. • Daniel talksloudly. • The baby is sleeping upstairs. • The girl cried alone. • It is raining very heavily. • My father jogs every morning. • Hukhikuni can swim very well.

  32. What are they doing?

  33. What does Tim do on weekend?

  34. What is happening to the baby?

  35. What might happen?

  36. What are these dogs doing?

  37. PATTERN 5 • Ying boughta new MSU uniform. • We are studyingEnglish now. • A big dog bither yesterday. • My son is watchingTV. • Julie Moyer teachesEnglish. • Maggie Yiphoi lovesThailand very much. • Gregery Seacam likeslap and koy.

  38. What did Sam and his girlfriend do?

  39. What did Adam and Laura do?

  40. What did Jiloey do?

  41. What did the coyboy do?

  42. What is Paradon doing?

  43. What is Anna doing?

  44. What did Film eat at the beach?

  45. Describe the picture, using patterns 1-5.

  46. PATTERN 6 • She boughther sistera dress. • My mother sentmea new handbag. • The boy askedhis sistersome questions. • She gavethe old mansome cake. • My father toldmean exciting story • Kuemsak passedWuengladaa dictionary.

  47. What did the babysitter do?

  48. What did Natalie do?

  49. What is happening? Joy Jack

  50. How did little Barbara get the ice scream?

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