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VENTILATED CEILINGS. Ventilated Ceiling Benefits. UNOBSTRUCTED SIGHT LINES:. ● Hood literally “DISAPPEARS” ● Allows flexible, open design of space. AESTHETIC DESIGN:. ● Clean and flush ● May be stainless steel or custom color finish. QUIET OPERATION :.

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  2. Ventilated Ceiling Benefits UNOBSTRUCTED SIGHT LINES: ● Hood literally “DISAPPEARS”● Allows flexible, open design of space AESTHETIC DESIGN: ● Clean and flush● May be stainless steel or custom color finish QUIET OPERATION: ●57 dba Vs. 82 dba for hood● Noise level is raised to ceiling level rather the conventional 6’-6”AFF ● Amplification of the hood box is no longer a factor

  3. Ventilated Ceiling Benefits CUSTOM FABRICATION: ● Can cover an entire room or an insolated area SIMPLE & EASY TO MAINTAIN: ● Panels lift out easily ● Panels fit in dish machine

  4. Ventilated Ceiling Applications PRESTIGE ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS: ● Open sight lines – hood “DISAPPEARS”● Flexible design DISPLAY / EXHIBITION COOKING: ● Open design● Quiet operation – front of the house CULINARY SCHOOLS: ●Unobstructed view of space● Quiet operation – facilitates teaching

  5. Ventilated Ceiling Applications CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES: ● Elimination of the hood box reduces “hiding places” for weapons and contraband●Quiet operation - enhances security● Open sight lines - enhances security COOK-CHILL FACILITIES: ● Hoist and rail can be mounted flush with the ceiling●No hood box in the way

  6. Ventilated CeilingLimitations HEAVY / HIGH PRODUCTION COOKING: • High volume charbroilers • Wok Ranges • Conventional hood can be incorporated into a Ventilated Ceiling System Best under conventional hood

  7. Ventilated CeilingComponents INTEGRATION OF: ● Grease Extraction / Exhaust System ● Make Up Air Distribution ● Lighting (Fluorescent or Incandescent) ● Fire Suppression System ● Blank Ceiling Panels

  8. Ventilated CeilingComponents Lights Fire Protection Exhaust Supply Air

  9. Components Grease Extract Cassette: • Flow Rate: 250cfm to 300cfm per active lineal foot • Pressure Drop: 0.45 to 0.50 inches wg at duct connection • Dimensions: 20” x 20” Standard • Weight: 13 lbs

  10. Ventilated CeilingComponents Perforated Supply Cassette: • Flow Rate: 300cfm maximum • Discharge velocity 180 – 220 fpm • Pressure drop: 0.15 in wg • Dimensions: 20” x 20” • Weight: 13 lbs

  11. Ventilated Ceiling Components Lighting Cassette: • Maximum input: 110v/1ph • Lamp type: 4 x 18watt • Rated frequency: 60Hz • Fluorescent or Incandescent

  12. Ventilated Ceiling Components Extract Plenum Box: • Minimum height dimension – 12” • One box per 1 to 4 exhaust cassettes • Flexible collar location • Exhaust air volume balancing dampers • All welded construction to meet NFPA Standards • Continuous liquid tight seams and joints • Plenum must have minimum clearance for type of ceiling • Combustible Ceiling – 18 inches • Limited Combustible Ceiling- 3 inches • Non Combustible Ceiling – Zero inches

  13. Ventilated Ceiling Components Fire Protection: • Similar to Hood Systems • Surface • Plenum • Duct Connection • Meets UL300 standard

  14. Ventilated Ceiling Section Through-Clearance SECTION THROUGH

  15. Ventilated Ceiling Technical Specifications • All stainless steel construction, grade 304 #4 finish • Intended for use with light and medium-duty cooking equipment only • Modular cassette-type system designed specifically for commercial kitchens • Choice of drop-in cassettes – grease extractor, perforated supply, lighting and passive type • Plenum boxes are liquid-tight, provided above all supply and extract cassettes and connected into the supply and extract ductwork running horizontally in the ceiling void. • Mounting height between 90” and 138” above finished floor level • Minimum ceiling void required to accommodate the plenum boxes, ductwork, etc is 12”. • The support grid comprises of a series of primary mullions an perimeter channels to support the system • Intermediate hanger brackets , located on the primary mullions, is supplied to support ceiling weight

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