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LinkedIn Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Marketing Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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LinkedIn Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Marketing Specialist

LinkedIn Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Marketing Specialist

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LinkedIn Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Marketing Specialist

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  1. LinkedIn Training Seminar Vorian Agency delivers integrated online and offline solutions to business wrestling with how to market in today's changing environment. Thursday 26th November, 2015 10:00am – 12:00pm

  2. Matt Lynch Vorian Agency - General Manager With over 23 years Online Marketing & Information Technology experience, my primary speciality is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I am an experienced senior technical marketing specialist working both within agency and in-house roles. I am a certified Google AdWords Specialist, Bing Ads Accredited Professional. I enjoy keeping up with the 'bleeding edge' of technology advancements and social media evolvement to ensure current knowledge in an ever changing landscape, leading to early adoption and determination of opportunity for marketing enhancement.

  3. Vorian Agency delivers integrated online and offline marketing solutions to business wrestling with how to market in today’s changing environment. Vorian Agency is a full service Digital Agency based in West Perth, that provides customised marketing solutions including; search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), web design and development, branding, print and graphic design, as well as video and audio production services that are aimed at promoting your brand’s products and services through a variety of results oriented strategies. Vorian Agency is a Google Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Company, HootsuiteSolutions Partner and a MailChimp Expert Company.

  4. Connect on Social Media… Facebook: Google+: Twitter: About Me: SlideShare: YouTube: Yelp: • LinkedIn: FourSquare: Blogger: @mattrlynchSnapchat: au.mattlynchEverytrail: Email:

  5. Connect with Vorian Agency

  6. Interactive Questions? During today’s session, you are welcome to tweet questions to our Vorian Agency Twitter Account @vorianagencyusing the hashtag#voriantraining

  7. Housekeeping Before we start, please note the following: • Exits • Toilets • Mobile Phones on Silent • Tea, Coffee, Water and Snacks • Question & Answer session at end of the Presentation • A link to the Presentation Slide Notes and Video will be emailed to you • Vorian Agency info packs are provided to showcase our service offering • Vorian staff are available to arrange an appointment to assist your specific needs • Please provide your feedback on today’s seminar on the supplied questionnaire • Please invite others you may know to register for our free seminar series

  8. In today’s session… We’re going to learn about the power and reach of LinkedIn • Creating an account • LinkedIn for finding a new job • LinkedIn for finding new staff • LinkedIn as a Social Media/News Channel • Follower Building, Social Shares, Website/Email integration • LinkedIn supporting your Reputation Management and SEO • Setting up and optimising your LinkedIn Business Page • Involving your staff in your LinkedIn Business Strategy • LinkedIn for Business Networking and Sourcing Prospects • The LinkedIn Knowledge Base - Groups • LinkedIn Best Practices • Staying connected – Apps • Efficient Social Media Management - HootSuite • LinkedIn Pay Per Click Advertising

  9. What is LinkedIn? • More than just a resume… LinkedIn is a professional social network with features designed for the corporate world. It is an excellent tool for job-seekers and recruiters alike, as it allows its users to display their skills, achievements, and past work experiences. With its Company Pages, it also offers plenty of advantages for businesses looking for a way to succeed in the corporate arena, tell their brand story, and build relationships as well as power the social selling efforts. • 2013:LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B than Facebook, Twitter or blogs individually.47% of B2B marketers say they are actively using LinkedIn. • Alexa puts Facebook’s TOS (Time On Site) at about 28 minutes per day versus 7 minutes a day on LinkedIn and 9 minutes a day on Twitter. However, a large portion of Twitter’s usage is not on the website, so this is difficult to quantify. Facebook is responsible for 8% of all PVs (Page Views) on the Internet. LinkedIn and Twitter hover closer to 1% of all PVs, and Pinterest around 0.5%. • Over 83% of potential clients will search for you online before or after your first meeting. What they find will influence their decision to work with you.

  10. LinkedIn – The Company • LinkedIn, is the world's largest professional network with over 347 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. (Note: Facebook has 1.49 billion active users and Twitter 500 million). • In Australia, LinkedIn has over 6 million users. • Their mission is simple: connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do. • History - LinkedIn started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002, and it officially launched on May 5, 2003. • Jeff Weiner is the CEO, and the company's management team is made up of seasoned executives from companies like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, TiVo, PayPal, and Electronic Arts. • LinkedIn is publicly held and has a diversified business model with revenues coming from member subscriptions, advertising sales, and talent solutions.

  11. Creating an account Getting started with LinkedIn. • Visit www.linkedin.comin your web browser. • It’s FREE to join! • You can use your Facebook account to sign up (Facebook Open Authentication) • Your “name” is your brand, what do people know you as? Consider the consistency across all your other Social Media channels.

  12. A new look in 2015 In March 2015, we have a new look and feel to the interface:

  13. A new look in 2015 Now you have more useful statistics at your finger tips about your ‘Recent Activity’, and to encourage your Publishing on LinkedIn.

  14. A new look in 2015 Find out more about who has viewed your profile, how they found you, what search keywords were used, and tips to increase your profile views:

  15. Setting up your personal profile A walk through of each of the elements needed to create a complete profile for LinkedIn. For marketing teams, it is advised that your audit and review your staff accounts so that these doorways into the business are optimised and consistent to the brand message. • Select a good quality, professional, clearly recognisable image to use as your profile. • Be consistent with your “personal brand” that you are developing across channels! • Include an accurate and professional “position” title. • Include the correct “company name”, to associate to the preferred account. • Include your location information “Perth Area, Australia” as this helps filter search. • Select the appropriate industry “Marketing and Advertising” as this also helps searches by recruiters and researchers alike.

  16. Editing your Profile 2015 – latest account editing features…

  17. Setting up your profile (cont.) • Consider how you would like to be contacted, and what is visible to the public • In some cases people may want to connect privately, are options provided? • Use the opportunity to cross promote your other Social Media channels.

  18. Setting up your profile (cont.) • Spend some time thinking about, and developing a high quality “summary”. Think “keywords”, and location qualifiers (Perth, WA) when constructing this to highlight your role and achievements. This also determines the “tone of voice” you are wishing to establish for your persona, and consider your intended “audience” when you construct it. Ensure you have proof read to remove any careless typos or spelling errors, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback before you publish! • You can upload Photos, Videos, Presentations and Portfolios to support your summary work samples.

  19. Setting up your profile (cont.) • Experience:+ Add a position, to list your current role. You should also look to list all previous jobs of significance. This is the “online resume” component of LinkedIn, so showcase yourself including: • Job Title • Company • Date Range • Location • Description of the Role, highlighting strengths and achievements (using Keywords) • Add videos, images, documents to support work samples if appropriate • To quickly create a LinkedIn profile, review your resume and copy/paste the relevant snippets into your profile. • As with any “resume” look for gaps in the timeline. • Skills & Expertise • Limit of 50 skills maximum • List your areas of expertise, qualifications and capabilities • Determine if you want to display your endorsements • Don’t select or accept endorsements for skills you don’t have, nor want to be recognised for • You are able to Manage your Endorsements • Education • Don’t bother including which “Primary School” you went to! • Though LinkedIn does provide “High School”, the focus is on Tertiary qualifications • Apart from highlighting your training, it enables you to connect with fellow students/faculty staff

  20. Setting up your profile (cont.) • Additional Info: • Interests. This is a “keyword” list and can include both professional and personal likes. However don’t treat this like Facebook as it is a totally different target audience. • Personal Details. Is your DOB (Date of Birth) and Marital Status. Both of these can be set with different visibility settings for; Everyone, Your Connections, or Your Network (up to three degrees of separation). • Advice for Contacting Matt. Tell people how you prefer to be contacted to control those actions. • Use the Additional Information section to include links to your company, website, blog, Twitter account and other sites that provide professional information about you.

  21. Are you Unemployed? • What do to when you’re unemployed… • If you are currently unemployed – list your current position as “open to opportunities”. • Remember to be honest. It is easy for potential employers to check your background. • This is a great time to ‘refresh’ your LinkedIn profile. • If you have recently lost your job, be sure to update your status field in your profile to that your network knows you are looking for a job.“Joe is currently looking for a marketing position, do you know anyone who is hiring?” • If you are doing consulting or freelance work, list your company as “self-employed”. • Take this opportunity to ask for endorsements (give them out yourself to others). • Request Recommendations from those you value, as they act as references.

  22. Completing your profile • Take the time at the beginning to fully complete your profile in detail before you start marketing yourself. Your LinkedIn profile will increase your visibility online and help you build your own personal professional brand. • Don’t forget to make your profile public, that’s how the world can find you! • Customise your URL to create a link that is easy to share. If your name is available, then use it. • Start a LinkedIn Profile as early as you can – from being a student in High School. • 41% of professionals surveyed state that when they are evaluating candidates they consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience. • 20% of hiring managers surveyed said they made a hiring decision based on a candidate’s volunteer work experience. • LinkedIn provides a profile strength gauge, to indicate how complete it is.

  23. Recommendations For each position (job) you have held, or currently hold, you can obtain recommendations from your connections, on how you performed in that role. • Work to build your “references” of recommendations. • Recommendations from people you have worked with carry a lot of weight. • Proactively ask for recommendations, and prompt the recipient of the request, what you want them to focus on, even providing them with suggestions… • You can review recommendations, and ask for edits before publishing them. • To build recommendations, look to reciprocate the favour. By initiating the process and offering a recommendation to another, it is easier to then request it returned. • When you recommend a LinkedIn member you are attesting to their qualifications. • It is better to obtain recommendations whilst you are in a role, than after the fact. • Don’t ask for recommendations from people you do not know. • Recommendations can be edited after, or even withdrawn.

  24. Endorsements For each of your Skills & Expertise that you list within your profile, you can obtain Endorsements from your connections. When they visit your profile directly, or log into their own profile LinkedIn will try to encourage the endorsement process by providing a collection of their connections at the top of the page to endorse. • Clicking the + sign next to the specific Skill will Endorse it. • If you give out endorsements, you are more likely to encourage getting these back. • Start with endorsing friends, family and colleagues. • Set a regular routine of ‘LinkedIn Maintenance’, where you visit your connection’s profiles and endorse them for skills they have. • List only the Skills & Expertise you want to be endorsed for!

  25. Did you know you can add… There are many additional things you can add to your LinkedIn profile: You can also control who can see your connections!

  26. Build your connections • The effectiveness of LinkedIn is proportional to the size of your reach, and determined by your connectivity. • Start searching at the top of LinkedIn for people you know. • Invite your contacts from your email contact list. • Start with family, friends and current colleagues. Then broaden your reach to past positions and contacts.

  27. Build your connections • Don’t spam! Build your followers as an ongoing activity and incrementally. • LinkedIn has evolved into a Social Network and as such needs to do this based on connections, and so provides constant prompts for you to connect based on people you know, or may have met. • When you meet someone new, follow-up with a LinkedIn request to connect. Do this immediately after the contact, and with a personalised message rather than the default connection request. • Customise your connection requests with a point of relevancy (where/when/what), and why they should connect with you. “What’s in it for them” (WIIFT) • Set yourself a regular LinkedIn Maintenance routine to review opportunities for establishing and connecting, and subsequently building your connections.

  28. Encourage Discovery • Include your important Social Media channel addresses on your print marketing collateral in your store, on fliers, business cards, receipts, shopping bags and everywhere else you do offline advertising for your business. Make it easy for consumers and new business relationships to discovery and connect with you.

  29. Classmates • Use the Classmates tool ( to access your college alumni network and reconnect.

  30. Join Groups • The LinkedIn Knowledge Base – Groups… a treasure trove of information. • Join all the local (state) and national groups that are related to your industry. • Post well formed content articles in the group discussions, and this will contribute to driving traffic to your website. • Start by looking, and listening. • Don’t spam, provide benefit and share your knowledge. • You can adjust your email digest settings, to reduce the amount you receive.

  31. Create a Group • As a supportive marketing exercise for your business, the creation and management of a LinkedIn Group is a good advanced progression task once you have LinkedIn fully squared away, and you are ready to take further advantage of this medium.

  32. Choose who you will follow • Apart from linking to your own workplace within your profile, you can use the “following” option to follow other companies and personalities “Influencers”, so that you can receive information about these individuals and businesses or organisations. • Search for the individual/company and click follow to add them. • You can clean up your follower list and “unfollow” from your profile. • As with other Social Media channels, who you choose to follow provides indications to others reviewing your profile about your likes and interests.

  33. LinkedIn for finding a new job • Use the Advanced Search to filter your job list. • Consider Job Seeker Premium for a month to harness the power of LinkedIn to super charge your prospects. • When you’re job searching, and may not want your current employer to know you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, it is a good idea to turn off your activity broadcasts.Settings -> Turn on/off your activity broadcasts (under Privacy)

  34. LinkedIn for finding new staff

  35. LinkedIn Premium Version

  36. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  37. LinkedIn as a Social Media/News Channel • There are very few “celebrities” on LinkedIn – which keeps the network very clean, for business content. • Connect and engage with people you have met through business. • Post/share an update, which can also go across Twitter. • You can post publicly or to your connections only. • Companies AND individuals can post. • You can LIKE, Comment and Share (distribute) content virally. • Watch your post frequency and regularity. Test and measure day of week/time of day response rates for your industry niche. • Mix up your content, include images, videos and links.

  38. LinkedIn – Publishing (Blog) • Publishing on LinkedInLinkedIn opened up their publishing platform to members as of February 2014, giving them a powerful new way to build their professional brand. When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled. Now members have the ability to follow other members that are not in their network and build their own group of followers. Members can continue to share their expertise by posting photos, images, videos and their original presentations on SlideShare.

  39. LinkedIn – Publishing (Blog) • Publishing on LinkedInClick the pencil icon in the Post window to access LinkedIn Publishing.

  40. Customise your Home Page • You can configure your home page feed to display the information that is important to you and remove any clutter.

  41. Follower Building, Social Shares, Website/Email integration • As with ANY Social Media account and your contact information, you want it to be seen so that others can discover, follow you and connect. • Add your LinkedIn vanity URL to your business card. • Add the LinkedIn logo and link to your profile / or company profile in your email signature or template. • Add the LinkedIn logo to your website to promote your company page. • On your website, “Our Staff” section, have profiles for your team members and include links to their LinkedIn accounts. • In your EDMs (Electronic Distribution Marketing – Emails) include both links to your LinkedIn company/personal page, as well as Social Share options within the content to encourage viral distribution opportunities. • Add LinkedIn plugins to your website.

  42. LinkedIn supporting your Reputation Management SEO Whether an individual person or a company, LinkedIn has the reputation and respect of search engines, with results placing highly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). • A well-structured LinkedIn Profile will help you with your Google organic search results, enabling people to find you, and act as the doorway into your business or organisation. • It will effect your online reputation, especially on a Google search. • It has tremendous bearing on your credibility and authority. • It’s a key trust influencer.

  43. Setting up your LinkedIn Company Page

  44. Setting up your LinkedIn Business Page… • Streamlined layout • Greater prominence for status update • Featured status updates • Plus, Company Pages now appear on mobile and iPad apps

  45. Setting up your LinkedIn Business Page…

  46. Setting up your LinkedIn Business Page…

  47. Setting up your LinkedIn Business Page…

  48. Staying connected – Apps Improve your Social Media efficiency through the use of Applications on your favourite device; smartphone or tablet device. Available on all the major platforms, install free or paid apps to access LinkedIn on the road, post content or read the Home feed, anywhere, anytime.

  49. LinkedIn Connected App • Now you can network without the workLinkedIn Connected helps you strengthen your professional relationships quickly and easily. Get all the relevant updates about people you know, from job changes to work anniversaries, so you can reach out when it matters most.

  50. LinkedIn Pulse App • The new streamlined reading experience and simplified navigation make it even easier to discover compelling professional content from LinkedIn. Discover, save, and share with your professional network. The app delivers articles from channels you follow on LinkedIn and people in your network.