creation story of the cherokee n.
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Creation Story of the Cherokee PowerPoint Presentation
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Creation Story of the Cherokee

Creation Story of the Cherokee

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Creation Story of the Cherokee

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  1. Creation Story of the Cherokee By: Josh Carda Pete Kleinjan

  2. Long ago, before there were any people, the earth was a great island floating in a sea of water, suspended by four cords hanging down from the sky vault, which was made of solid rock.

  3. It was dark and the animals could not see, so they got the sun and set it in a track to go across the island every day from east to west, just overhead.

  4. The Creator told the animals and plants to stay awake for seven nights. But only a few of the animals wereable to, including owls and panthers, and they were rewarded with the power to go about in the dark.

  5. Among the plants, only the cedars, pines, spruces, and laurels stayed awake, so they were allowed to remain green year-round and to provide the best medicines.

  6. The Creator chided the other trees: "Because you have not endured to the end, you shall lose your hair every winter."

  7. Peopleappeared last, after the animals, the sun, and the plants, but they multiplied so quickly that they threatened to overrun the world

  8. So it was decided that each woman would have only one child a year, and  it has been that way ever since.