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Rules inspired worldbuilding PowerPoint Presentation
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Rules inspired worldbuilding

Rules inspired worldbuilding

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Rules inspired worldbuilding

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  1. Rules inspired worldbuilding World inspired rule building

  2. Doel van het spel Monkey Island Unreal Tournament Worldbuilding Worldbuilding Rules Rules

  3. Immersie is belangrijk World of Warcraft The Elder Scrolls IV Skyrim

  4. FEZ

  5. FEZ “Originally, me and Shawn were working on this other game,” Fish explains. “Shawn had this idea for an abstract puzzler that used a similar‘four sides’ mechanic, but I wanted to make a more traditional platformer using that twist.” Phil Fish, maker van FEZ Unknown. (2011). Phil Fish reveals the trials and tribulations behind indie platformer Fez. Available: Last accessed 09-Okt-2013.

  6. Adventure Games

  7. The Longest Journey

  8. Storytelling “But even if we don't reach that lofty [Kickstarter] goal this time around, we hope to some day still be able to tell this story. April's story, all of it. All that remains of it. Because it needs to be told. And you all deserve to hear it. And we would love to share it with you.” RagnarTørnquist, maker van The Longest Journey Red Thread Games. (2013). Update #20: The Longest Journey Home. Available: Last accessed 10th Oct 2013.

  9. Dear Esther

  10. Braid

  11. Braid “The part of the game that is deepest buried in the puzzles was a process of exploration for me. Like, when I was starting to design the game, I was thinking of this science stuff,and I was very excited by what I saw. And I saw that it was really cool, and then my design process was, how do I put this into puzzle-form, to illustrate these ideas as clearly and as minimally as I can?” Jonathan Blow, maker van Braid Chris Dahlen. (2008). Game Designer Jonathan Blow: What We All Missed About Braid. Available:,8626/. Last accessed 9th Oct 2013.

  12. Worldbuilding Rules Beide?