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Street graphic

Street graphic

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Street graphic

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  1. Street graphic By Alex McFerran

  2. Idea generation • To start my project off I drew a mind map in my sketch book branching off about different interesting facts I knew about Scarborough.

  3. Results of idea generation • At the start of the start of the project I was considering reusing some work from an old project of mine to base this project how ever after speaking to a tutor who suggested that wile I still use the photos and footage from my previous projects I they looking at Scarborough in away I de never done so before. So after this advice I came up with three ideas listed below. • My final 3 ideas were 1. Jimmy Savile funeral – aftermath of the truth. 2. Myths & legend in Scarborough. 3. Cultural divers the radical racial clash in Scarborough and the implement of operation Northman

  4. Idea 1 in debts • Jimmy Savillefuneral – aftermath of the truth. • This project idea comes from the fact that Jimmy Saville was buried in Scarborough and how every one was really excited and proud to have such a famous celebrity buried in our little. All the special tributes that were but up in the town for him. Then how truth came how everybody was shocked at the truth about this person secret life and how there were suddenly mass protests and how all the memorials in Scarborough that had to be taken down just 19 days after being put up due to serious of the crimes he committed

  5. Idea 2 I debts • Myths & legend in Scarborough • This project is looking at Scarborough's myths and legends such as the beast of Brompton and how these have spread over the year and integrated into the street cutler of Scarborough.

  6. Idea 3 in debts • Cultural divers the radical racial clash in Scarborough and the implement of operation Northman • This is about the huge diversity of people who came to Scarborough and huge collection of racial hate crimes that led to an international incident. Which led to the forming of operation to provide save havens for people who felt like they were in some kind of trouble

  7. One on one tutorial new decisions • After having a one to one descution with my tutor. I fond out some worrying information. I discovered that the three main ideas I had come up were not good enough to produce a full project from. So after some further descutions with my tutor I came up with two further ideas the Economic cycles of Scarborough and creating a new urban myth for Scarborough these ideas had much more strenchs to build on than my prviose ideas.

  8. Idea 4 Economic cycles of Scarborough • Economic cycles of Scarborough this idea builds on the vast change of industry and people who have come since the middle of the 19th century beginning with the. • Fishing industry • The tourist resort • The collapse of it all

  9. Idea 5 New urban myth • A new urban myth the idea of this project was more of an extension on one of my breveose three ideas I would again do research into the local myths and legends around Scarborough. • But then instead of just doing an animation about the different urban myths in Scarborough I would design my own bran new urban myth for the Scarborough

  10. Final idea choice & why • My final choice of idea was the ergonomic changes in Scarborough idea my reason for this was because like I stated earlier the first three ideas were not strong enough to make a project

  11. Photographs & video • To help me do this I will call on a collection of photo of Scarborough that I have collected over coarse the total sum of photos is just over 200. • As well as the collection of photographs I have at my disposal I also have approximately about an hours worth of low quality video footage

  12. Research Street Graphics

  13. Ergonomic history Scarborough • Unfortunately due to there being very little information to be found online. I have thee for deiced to build the economic history of Scarborough video from my local knowledge gathered after living there for twenty years.

  14. What are urban myths & legend • Urban myths generally refers to an un explainable event or mystery that’s as the name suggests take place is usury a town or city area. Hairy Bobs cave is one of the main sights urban myth and legend in Scarborough for the last hundreds years. It is a small cave that was clearly man made leading to much speculation and rumor to why it was made and by who.

  15. Watchman credit opening • The opening sequence of watchman the sequence is a live action sequence that has been slowed down for effect. • The sequence is about how things change over time. This is similar to my idea about the econic cycles of Scarborough so I hope to draw inspiration from this idea.

  16. Terry Gilliam • Was first known for the bizarre animation sequences in "Monty Python's Flying Circus”(1969) using cutout pictures and photographs. • Heroes in his films often dream of a woman who they have not yet met, but will meet during the course of the film. In the dream, the woman's face is obscured. • Often features people/animals bursting through walls or ceilings • Often begins and ends his films with the same shot • Heavy use of wide angle lenses

  17. Monty Python's Flying Circus(1969) • Wile mostly a live action show did also have a good number of animated sequences. • The thing that I like most about this animation is the way it combined photographs with cartoon animation to create this bizarre effects years before Photoshop.

  18. Bankey • Banksy is a British street artist from Bristol. Whilst he is maybe most famous for his street based stencil graffiti work Banksy has also put on a wide variety of shows in unusual locations, released a film 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' and conducted many well publicised pranks such as the re-branding of Paris Hilton's CD in record stores throughout the UK. • “” Banksy Old Skool Graffiti, Clerkenwell Road Reworded version of 'Thug For Life'. “”

  19. Bankey 2 • Nothing is known about the artist himself due to the large number of illegal pieces of works he’s done his art pieces of depict images of violence, religion, poverty and other national matters. Image from

  20. Results of research 1 Watchman opening Scarborough town research The reason I have chosen to research this animator due to the fact . That he used the overlay of photos and low quality video footage using this research I hope to create a good quality animation using my collection of photos and video footage. • The Watchman opening is set around the changing of things with time. I have research this because it has the same thought of feel as I want to portray

  21. Results of research 2 Bankey Terry Gilliam The reason I have chosen to research this animator due to the fact . That he used the overlay of photos and low quality video footage using this research I hope to create a good quality animation using my collection of photos and video footage. • The work of Bankeys usury covers contervarshel or world wide news event. • Since this is also the case with my idea with the jimmy savile I thought he would be a good artist to research to help inspire me to make a good contervarsel piece of work.

  22. Final idea development Street Graphics

  23. Planning the scenes • The story that I intend to tell about Scarborough will have three main scenes in it • The first will depict the collapse of the fishing industry • The second will depict the rise and fall of the tourists industry • The third and final scene will show the changes that have been made to the futurist theater on Scarborough sea front.

  24. Story boarding 1 • To help me better vissuli

  25. Story boarding 2

  26. Story boarding 3

  27. Story boarding alternate scenes • This is a collection of possible

  28. Bibliography

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