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Delta Sigma Phi Theta Lambda Chapter PowerPoint Presentation
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Delta Sigma Phi Theta Lambda Chapter

Delta Sigma Phi Theta Lambda Chapter

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Delta Sigma Phi Theta Lambda Chapter

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  1. Delta Sigma Phi Theta Lambda Chapter

  2. Three Principles: Culture Harmony Friendship

  3. Delta Sigma Phi’s Program Aims Dickinson Dimensions and Develop Global Sensibility Principals: Culture, Harmony Engage The World Principal: Culture Practice Civility Principal: Harmony Seek Connections Principal: Friendship Strive For Accountability Purpose: Build Better Men

  4. Develop Global Sensibility

  5. In the 2007-2008 school term, Delta Sigma Phi averaged 37 hours of community service per brother.

  6. Engage the World

  7. 52% Of all active brothers plan to attend, have attended, or are attending study- abroad programs.

  8. New York City England Italy Greece France China Australia

  9. Practice Civility

  10. Diverse Membership “Delta Sigma Phi was incorporated in New York City on December 2, 1902. Five members of Insula chapter signed the incorporation papers, with the stated objectives of dissemination ‘the principles of friendship and brotherhood among college men, without respect to race or creed.’”

  11. Seek Connections

  12. 52% Of all active brothers hold campus leadership positions outside of the fraternity.

  13. Tritons Relay for Life Committee Disaster Action Team Alpha Phi Omega Dickinson College Democrats Model United Nations Community Service Office Order of Omega Cricket Club Eta Sigma Phi Dreamcatchers Dickinson Photography Club The Dickinsonian Student Life Office Student Senate WDCV Executive Staff Portuguese Club South Asian Student Association Cub Scouts Leadership Inter-Fraternity Council

  14. Strive For Accountability

  15. Shane L. Windmeyer, M.S., Ed. • Delta Sigma Phi helped bring Shane to campus in the fall of 2008. • • An example of responsible, academic programming. • He discussed the issues regarding being a gay or lesbian member of a Greek organization. • Delta Sigma Phi currently has three openly gay brothers.

  16. Outcomes • Our Chapter endeavors to • Facilitate dialog on important issues that affect the greater community. • Attract and develop strong future campus leaders. • Work with organizations outside the sphere of Greek life. • Remain financially independent and therefore self-sustaining. • Function as a member of the community by performing service to foster the principals of the college. • We’d like our Chapter’s members to • Develop values of diversity and chivalry mirroring those of our founders. • Inculcate a sense of responsibility in dealing with campus issues. • Develop the tools and gain the experience to ensure the furtherance of the local chapter program, the national organization and the college. • Gain lifelong and valuable camaraderie to better achieve the program aims. • Posses pride in the chapter and campus. • Gain a lifelong sense of involvement through Alumni relations.