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6 02 fashion advertising n.
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6.02 fashion advertising. PowerPoint Presentation
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6.02 fashion advertising.

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6.02 fashion advertising.

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  1. 6.02 fashion advertising.

  2. Purposes of fashion advertising • Build a company’s image • Promote a product, sale • Support a cause • ****Stimulate store traffic • Stimulate consumer interest • Provide useful information • Develop brand/store loyalty

  3. Types of fashion advertising DECA Fashion Show November 29 6 p.m.

  4. Product advertising Promotion designed to sell specific merchandise items, lines, or certain services. • Most fashion and cosmetic*** advertisements are product ads. • Identifies, describes products • May mention price and/or availability

  5. Institutional advertising Promotion designed to sell the reputation of an organization rather than a specific product; also referred to as image or corporate advertising. • Projects the image of the business, often emphasizing fashion leadership, exceptional service, or community involvement (***Get Out and Vote) • **Build long-term patronage by customers

  6. National advertising: Advertising sponsored by companies that sell products on a nationwide basis. (***Reebok in Sports Illustrated) • Regional advertising: Advertising by retailers that have many stores in adjoining states. (Belk) • Local advertising: Advertising sponsored by local businesses. (PJ’s or Special Treasure’s)

  7. Cooperative advertising The sharing of advertising and its costs by two or more organizations. • National manufacturers team with retailers to pay for local advertising. (***JCPenney and Levi Strauss) • Each party shares in the total cost of the advertisement. • Local advertisers must follow the guidelines established by the manufacturer. • Local retailers can take advantage of pre-prepared print advertisements, in-store displays, and TV and radio scripts prepared by the manufacturer for local use. (**local cosmetic boutiques)

  8. Forms of advertising media

  9. Newspapers • Primary form of advertising for local retailers • Dominated by large retailer advertising • ***Geographic selectivity • Variety of ad sizes and prices available • ***Relatively easy to produce • ***Comparatively low cost

  10. Newspapers (cont.) • ***Quick turnaround time. May take as little as 48 hours from creation of advertisement to appearance in the newspaper • Wasted circulation because newspapers do not allow retailers to target markets • Short life. Newspapers are read hastily and are thrown out frequently • ***Poor quality print and color reproduction

  11. Newspapers (cont.) • Supplements: Preprinted advertisements, usually in magazine format, that are inserted into newspapers.

  12. Magazines • Retailers advertise in magazines that have target markets similar to their own. • Enable retailers to benefit from ***national circulation • Readers keep magazines for extended periods of time. • High cost • Long lead time between preparation of ad and its publication makes information less timely. • ***Professional preparation usually needed

  13. Television • Consumers are reading less and watching television more for news and other information. • Regional stores can reach the largest local audience • National manufacturers / retailers advertisements designed to build brand loyalty on major network channels.

  14. ***Enables advertisers to show actual products in color and motion • ***Prime time is between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. • ***High cost of time and production • Message has short life

  15. Radio • ****Popular with consumers in homes, cars, and places of work • Reaches approximately 96 percent of all people age 12 and over in a given week • Prime advertising is during morning and afternoon commutes. • Universally used medium • Short preparation and lead time • Low cost

  16. Radio (negatives) • Easy to target markets through listening area, program content, and station type • ***No visual impact • ***Message has a short life • Commercial clutter • Some wasted coverage • With the introduction and growing popularity of satellite radio, which has little to no advertising, advertisers may begin to choose an alternate form of promotion.

  17. Internet advertising • Rapidly growing form of promotion • Allows up-to-the-minute messages to be communicated to the world immediately • Allows advertisers to gauge readers’ interests, buying habits, merchandise preferences, and price points

  18. Response rates are low. Click. delete • Audience limited to computer users • Many computer users view online advertisements as an annoyance. • Reliability and privacy are a concern.

  19. Banner ad A wide, shallow rectangle seen at the top or bottom of Web pages that will take the user to the advertiser’s Web page if clicked with a mouse. • Banner ads may include animation, sound, and even video.

  20. Direct mail Any printed advertising distributed directly to potential customers by mail. • ***Little wasted circulation • Flexible and versatile • Design, message, audience, and cost can be closely regulated. • ***Used by small, specialty retailers • Results can be easily evaluated.

  21. Can be considered “junk mail” • Catalogs are popular because of the shopping convenience. • **Bill enclosures: Manufacturer or retailer-produced statement enclosures that offer retailers low-cost selling opportunities.

  22. Outdoor signage • Billboards, public transit advertisements, posters, and free-standing signs • ***Can only have short, general message • Considered offensive by some people • ***Repetitive viewing • Minimal cost per viewing if in high-traffic areas • target geographic location • Some wasted audience coverage • Most effective for institutional advertising

  23. Merchandise packaging • Company names, logos, and slogans on shopping bags, gift bags, gift boxes, and wrapping paper • Develops an image for the business • Small expense to retailer

  24. Video • ***Attracts attention near merchandise with sound and movement • Designed to present fashion trends, promote merchandise, and build customer traffic • Can be replayed over and over • Have not proven to be effective advertising

  25. Media mix • Media: The agencies or instruments used to convey messages. • Media mix: The blend of media used to communicate a message to a target audience.

  26. The “right” media mix… • Most effectively and efficiently reaches the largest portion of the target market • Combines types of media that support and strengthen the over-all advertising campaign