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CAPTURE & CELEBRATE !. “RARPA” it!. FITNESS IN THE GYM. SNAPSHOT 5 staged Process. AIMS for all courses stated clearly INTITIAL ASSESSMENT for starting point LEARNING OBJECTIVES appropriately challenging RECOGNISE & RECORD progress & achievement

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  2. SNAPSHOT5 staged Process • AIMSfor all courses stated clearly • INTITIAL ASSESSMENTfor starting point • LEARNING OBJECTIVESappropriately challenging • RECOGNISE & RECORDprogress & achievement • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTevidence of learning journey - including “soft” outcomes FITNESS IN THE GYM

  3. 1. AIMSfor all courses stated clearly Course Aims and Objectives • To develop individual fitness goals and targets • To practise and achieve appropriate techniques • To acquire specific skills • To increase independence in working towards personal fitness targets FITNESS IN THE GYM

  4. 2. INTITIAL ASSESSMENTfor starting point Q. What can you do now? • “I have never been in a fitness gym before” • “I don’t know what equipment is in a gym or if I can ever use it” • “I am very nervous” FITNESS IN THE GYM

  5. 3. LEARNING OBJECTIVESappropriately challenging • What would you like to achieve? What is your learning goal? “I want to … • “learn to improve my strength and flexibility” • “learn to use the equipment” • “be able to do more things for myself and my husband who is also disabled” FITNESS IN THE GYM

  6. 4. RECOGNISE & RECORDprogress & achievement Q What individual fitness and learning targets have you achieved? • I can now use the aerobic hand bike for 10 minutes without stopping • I have learned how to use the resistance machines • I am stronger and able to lift heavier things now • I have learned what exercises I can do at home to help with my fitness goals FITNESS IN THE GYM

  7. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTevidence of learning journey including additional “soft” outcomes Q What can you do now? • I can use most of the equipment that the tutor has said is appropriate for me • I can also do exercises without equipment • I am more confident coming to the gym Tutor Summary:Margaret has worked well and can operate the hand bike safely and use the equip in the gym independently which she could not do at the initial assessment stage

  8. CAPTURE& CELEBRATE!Find the motivated learner within • It’s just “good practice” • good teaching and learning skills … enhanced by the RARPA process • the aim is to “find” them • find the learning motivator switch … we know when we’ve done it • Celebrate the outcome! One way oranother… …

  9. . Celebrate the outcome!

  10. CAPTURE& CELEBRATE! There is no end “RARPA” it ! to learning

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