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Joan Of Arc

Joan Of Arc. Maid of Heaven. 1412-1431. By Deanna Walker. Also During this Period. The Hundred Year war This map shows respectively who held what land when. …And.

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Joan Of Arc

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  1. Joan Of Arc Maid of Heaven 1412-1431 By Deanna Walker

  2. Also During this Period The Hundred Year war This map shows respectively who held what land when

  3. …And France was gravely divided during Joan's childhood with King Henry V of England in 1415 invading and France and at Agincourt defeating their army. The country became weak and divided after this victory over the nobility of France and the major division lay between the Dauphins and English supporting Burgunians. To make matters worse while the French were under Charles de Ponthieu they were without direction and a real leader. However Joan of Arc completely overwhelmed the court and Charles with her passionate conviction that she, a lowly peasant girl, could lead the French armies to victory. Within a year she was given command of the army and led them to a great victory in Orleans, Patay and Troyes. Her exploits during the wars also included liberating towns from English control which caused a glorious entry into Dauphin possible for King Charles VII so that he could be coroneted. As a result of her courageous actions and grand leadership Joan and her family were granted noble status and she managed to win the hearts of the soldiers in the French army.

  4. Sites of major battles where yellow boxes are King Charles VII coronation

  5. 1412 Joan born 1424 Begins to hear the angel’s voice Feb. 1429 Fortells of the French defeat to Roberta de Boudricourt May 7 1429 Broke English seige on Orleans May 9 1429 English defeated on Orleans April 29 1429 Sent to Orleans to fight English July 14 1429 Charles VII is crowned May 16 1920 Joan becomes an official Catholic saint May 23 1430 While defening the town of Compiegne she is captured by the Burgundians 1431 Joan was burned at the Stake July 7 1456 An investigation into her trial is conducted where she is exonerated of being a heretic Conducted by Charles VII, her mother and eventually the inquisition itself July 14 1430 Handed over to the English Jan. 1431 The bishop of Beauvais, Pierre Cauchon and the vicar of the inquisitor of France, Jean Lemaitre gain custody of Joan The first part of her trial begins May 30 1431 Condemed as a witch\heritc and is burned at the stake May 28 1431 Third part of her trial concerning the accusation of beign a hertic April 1431 Second part of her trial where she is condemed for witch craft and fruad

  6. Saint Joan of Arc Joan entering Orleans Her Trial

  7. About Joan’s Joan of arc was very religious and filled with the mind for God. From an early age people in her village saw in her a good and faithful heart. Her goodness, generosity and overall kindness to all was well known in her village and often experienced by many. She would later be described as a particularly pious child who was far too serious for her age. Even those who she would be intimate with would describe her as being repressed in her own thought towards herself. In other words she gave no thought or very little to herself. She was obedient to God to the point where it ended her life and as a child she spent much of her time in the church fervently praying. Her parents were named Jacques and Isabelle d'Arc who were poor farmers, but by no means needy. Born at Domremy in Champange, she was the youngest of five children and never learned to read or write, but adeptly skilled at sewing and spinning.

  8. Map of the Loire River Joan at the Siege of Compiegne Joan at the Battle of Patay

  9. Joan’s Story • At 13 years she began to hear the voices of the angels and gradually over time became aware of the great mission God had planned for her • By 1428 she no longer harboured any doubts about her purpose life to help the king • 1429 she visits Roberts...and eventually convinces him of her mission and journeys with a group of three armed men to seek the king in Chinon • She arrived at Chinon on March 6 but was not accepted into the kings presence until two days had passed thereafter • However before the king would allow her into military service he sent her to a committee in Poitiers of Bishops and doctors • Their job was to search her character and they found she had zealous faith, simplicity and honesty made a good impression with them all • Thus from this finding they pronounced that could be safely employed and further tested despite her mission she claimed she had • Before beginning her campaign she infuriated the English commanders with her audacious summon to remove their troops from French land • In April 30 she entered Orleans and immediately began to work near miracles • May 8 she had the English forts that circled the city captured • Her earnest request to their king ended with her leading a short campaign upon the Loire • It ended on June 18 after many successes with a grand victory at Patsy • Road to Reims was now in part open • However Joan had a hard time convincing the commanders not to stop before Troyes • Troyes was shut against them but only at first • The town was captured and the commanders unenthusiastically followed her to Reims • Charles VII was crowned there on July 17 1429 • Thus Joan's main goal had been accomplished successfully • Joan was captured on May 23 1430 by the Burgundians after her last campaign in the town of Compiegne • She was handed over to the English on Nov. 21 1430 • The English wanted to kill Joan and discredit King Charles • They tried to achieve this by condemning her as a witch and a heretic through the Church authorities who were in favour to them, the English, • Feb. 21-May 23 was the length of her trial • May 30 1431 Joan was burned at the stake in Rouen's square

  10. Conclusion So basically Joan was a young girl who heard voices, decided to follow them, ended up winning the war for the French, then was announced a heretic of the Catholic Church and subsequently burned alive at the stake. Please note that Joan was only about 19 when she died and it took the Church roughly 25 years to announce Joan was not a heretic and then another 489 years before she was sainted by the Church.

  11. So ends the heroic Life of Joan of Arc

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