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McDonald’s Sides PowerPoint Presentation
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McDonald’s Sides

McDonald’s Sides

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McDonald’s Sides

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  1. McDelivery

  2. McDonald’s Sides If you’re craving for something light yet yummy snack to munch on, McDonald’s offers you a wide variety of sides, right from veg to non- veg options satisfying your quick hunger pangs! The side menu consists of items like classic chicken McNuggets, Chicken McNuggetsPiriPiri, Chicken Strips, French fries, Mexican cheesy fries and much more! To order food online use McDelivery app with amazing offers!

  3. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets This is a classic side to munch on! If you’re a chicken lover then this side is perfect for you. This side doesn’t even stay on plate more than 5 mins, it’s that delicious. McDonald’s Chicken McNugget price is also pocket friendly, so a perfect steal deal! Order chicken nuggets online using McDelivery app today!

  4. Chicken McNuggetsPiriPiri Chicken McNuggets gets yummier with the piripiri spice mix on it! McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets with periperi is one of the best sides to have. It is available in different amount of pieces as per your preferred quantity. Order one for yourself today using the McDelivery app.

  5. McDonald’s Chicken Strips To eat chicken in different forms and taste is like experiencing food paradise! Crispy chicken strips with figure licking taste is one of the best things that McDonald’s offers in its sides menu. Available in different quantity of 5 or 3 pieces, order them today using McDelivery app or visiting your nearest McDonald’s store today.

  6. McDonald’s French Fries There’s nothing like the mighty French fries! French fries is one of the signature dish of McDonald’s. Crispy crunch on the outside and cottony softness inside with proper dash of salt, this makeover of potato is a true delight to have and surely loved by people of all ages. French fries online order has now become easy using McDelivery app. Just one click and hot fries would be served at your doorstep.

  7. McDonald’s Mexican Cheesy Fries Delicious cheesy treat, filled with goodness of potatoes and lots of cheesy! This side is the perfect snack for all cheese lovers out there. Mexican fries at McDonald’s is something interested item to the list that one must definitely try. Order your cheesy fries today using McDelivery app or just visisting your nearest McDonald’s store.

  8. McDonald’s Masala Wedges If you’re bored of having fries at the MCD’s you can always go for masala wedges. An Indian twist to our mighty potato, this snack stimulates your taste buds in such a way that you can’t stop having more! McDonald’s potato wedges is worth a try and you’ll definitely love them! Available in different quantity you can order them using McDelivery app or just visiting any McDonald’s store nearby.

  9. Veg Pizza McPuff Cute little pockets, filled with delicious veggies, cheese and crispy yet light pastry coating just fills your heart with content! McDonald’s veg pizza McPuff price is pocket friendly and absolutely delicious snack to munch on! A must try MCD sides which will truly make you happy. Order your veg pizza McPuff today using McDelivery app.

  10. PiriPiri Spice Mix To add extra flavour in your food, piripiri spice mix is must have! PeriPeri masala online is easy to order within a click of the button using McDelivery app.

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