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Best Heart Transplant Surgery Treatment Packages |Meddco

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Best Heart Transplant Surgery Treatment Packages |Meddco

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  1. Download App HeartTransplant www.meddco.com

  2. What is a Heart transplant? Download App • A Heart Transplant involves a surgical replacement of a person's diseased heart with the heart of a healthy donor • In other words, heart transplant surgery refers to a surgical surgery performed on a person who is in the final stage of heart failure and he does not get relief from any other heart surgeries like coronary angiography www.meddco.com

  3. Causes of Heart Transplant Download App • Heart transplant surgery is mainly done for these reasons :- • Heart muscle weakness - Heart transplant surgery is mainly performed when the heart muscle becomes weak. • Coronary heart disease - The person who has a problem of coronary heart disease, doctors recommend him to undergo heart transplant surgery. www.meddco.com

  4. How is Heart Transplant Surgery Done? Download App • Treatment : • Step 1 : Giving the person anaesthesia- Heart transplant surgery starts with giving the person anaesthesia. • Step 2 : Making a cut in the middle of the chest- Doctors place a cut in the middle of a person's chest so that his heart can be removed. www.meddco.com

  5. Precautions Heart Transplant Surgery? Download App • Following heart transplant precautions should be taken: • Exercise after this surgery for any person will prove to be helpful in recovering his quickly. • After this surgery, nutritious food is beneficial. • After surgery, patient should take all the medicines prescribed by doctor on time. www.meddco.com

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  7. Download App Meddco House 209, Flying Colors, DeendayalUpadhyaya Marg, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. PIN Code : 400080, Contact Us : +91703997039 www.meddco.com

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