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Best Heart Transplant Surgery Hospital in India

Best Heart transplant surgery hospital in India with best heart transplant surgeons for heart failure treatment. Enquire now for cost of heart transplant<br>

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Best Heart Transplant Surgery Hospital in India

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  1. HOW TO PREPARE FOR HEART TRANSPLANT SURGERY A heart transplant surgery is one of the most complex and strenuous surgical procedures that the human body can withstand. And there is a lot of preparatory impetus given such that the patient is ready both physically and emotionally to undergo the surgery. Also, preparation is vital from a post-operative recuperation perspective. Surgeons must be convinced that the patient is or can be ready for the physically & mentally demanding post-transplant care. Preparation is also vital from a financial standpoint. A transplant surgery does place financial constraints on both the present and the future. A clear understanding of the financial implications is vital for the patient and the caregivers. Once a patient is placed on the transplant list he or she will be required to be prepared, available and ready for a transplant at any moment. Because of the paucity of organs and unpredictability of their availability, the hospital staff can contact the patient and/or caregiver at any time a donor is available and arrange for a transplant procedure. Some of the key elements of preparation for the heart transplant include, making the patient understand the exact cause and nature of the surgery. The patient, as far as possible, and the caregivers must be aware of the condition, and the expected transplant procedure. An open and transparent communication improves confidence and thereby improves success rate. The patient must be encouraged, along with the caregivers, to seek from a support group. There are a host of monthly support group for both patients and caregivers. Patients waiting for a donor organ are especially encouraged to attend. They offer a number of resources to help you cope and manage stress in a positive way. Emotional and psychological preparation is also critical. Given the complex nature of the surgery, stress, anxiety and restlessness are very common. Likewise, post- transplant care includes a lifelong dedication to medicines, reduced immunity and restrictions on several aspects of life such as food, travel and stress. All this require a great deal of emotional preparation for both the patient and the immediate caregivers.

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