spine surgery by world class spine surgeon and hospital in india through we care india n.
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Best Spine Surgery Hospital in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Spine Surgery Hospital in India

Best Spine Surgery Hospital in India

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Best Spine Surgery Hospital in India

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  1. Spine Surgery by World Class Spine Surgeon and Hospital in India through We Care India.

  2. Spine Surgery Procedures • : Spinal Surgery: Microscopic lumbar discectomy or decompression Microscopic anterior cervical discectomyEndoscopic discectomySpinal decompression with or without fusionEndoscopic fusion of spinePercutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar DiscectomyDegenerative Disc DiseaseMinimally-invasive spinal fusion and advanced instrumentationTotal disc replacement surgerySpinal deformity correction and stabilizationEndoscopic fusion of spinePercutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar DiscectomyOsteoporosis of the Spine:VertebroplastyKyphoplastySpondylolisthesisPosterior spinal instrumentationCurvature within the spine- Scoliosis/KyphosisThoracoscopic deformity correctionPosterior correction of Scoliosis or Kyphosis with instrumentation

  3. Best Spine Surgeon and Hospital selected by Med Access India • Our associate Brain & Spine super specialty centers provide advanced micro-surgical techniques to treat complex Brain & Spine disorders and are amongst the few in Asia equipped with most advanced Neuro-navigation and Endoscopic facilities to perform complex brain and spine neurosurgeries. • Our associate Brain & Spine Care super specialty centers have a vastly experienced team of Neurosurgeons and Neurologists Most of the doctors / surgeons have trained or worked for significant amount of time in some of the best medical institutions in US, Europe or other advanced countries. • Our associate Brain & Spine Care super specialty centers are backed by the most comprehensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities. Neurological services extend to the very latest in diagnostic equipment such as EEG, ENMG, and Video-monitoring, latest MRI and 128-Slice CT Scan. • The dedicated state-of-the-art Neurosurgery operation theaters have semi-robotic microscopes, the neuro-navigation facility, cranial and spinal endoscopy, MRI and CT compatible stereotaxy for functional neurosurgery assist our doctors in attaining precision while conducting complex neurosurgeries. • Minimal invasive techniques, being developed for complex brain and spine surgery.

  4. Surgery Packages for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at World Class Hospitals in India • Microsurgical or Endoscopic Discectomy - $5000 US Dollars • Transforaminal Lumbar Fusion (TLIF) - $8000 US Dollars • Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF) - $6900 US Dollars • Kyphoplasty - $7000 US Dollars • Nucleoplasty or Percutaneous Discectomy - $6700 US Dollars

  5. How to get Best Spine Surgery in India. • Email your Medical Reports to us for opinion by India's Top doctors.2. • We send you Expert Medical Opinion and  Treatment Cost Estimate from India's Leading Hospitals. • Once you Decide, We help to Schedule appointments, Apply for Medical Visa, Airport Pick up, Post Hospital Stay.

  6. Low cost spine surgery in India through Med Access India. • Please scan and email your medical reports and images to us at and we shall get you a Free. International Helpline Numbers:- Hand Phone: +91 9029304141 Email: Website: