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Best hospital for bariatric surgery in India

If you are suffering from obesity and, you are looking for a weight loss surgery in Mumbai. Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker is best bariatric surgeon in Mumbai.<br>

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Best hospital for bariatric surgery in India

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  1. Best hospital for bariatric surgery in India

  2. Bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment option for patients suffering from clinically severe obesity. Patients suffering from clinically severe obesity fall under the high-risk category and the best hospital where bariatric surgery is performed must have the required infrastructure to be able to cater to this patient population. Most importantly a best hospital for bariatric surgery must be sensitive to the needs of patients suffering from obesity. First and foremost, the entire hospital team must be sensitized that obesity is a serious disease and not a laughing matter. Sensitivity from hospital staff is a must. It is not uncommon for obese patients to be discriminated against or neglected in hospital set ups. They are also physically difficult to handle and hence at times there may be reluctance from the staff to cater to these patients. Best bariatric surgery hospitals try to and overcome these challenges and conduct regular sensitivity trainings for their staff. Not only is it important to care for these patients physically, it is also necessary to be sympathetic and considerate towards their special needs.

  3. If you are suffering from obesity and looking for a weight loss surgeryin Mumbai. Dr. AparnaGovilBhasker is best bariatric surgeon in Mumbai Best bariatric surgery hospitals also need special infrastructure. a lot of planning is required while setting up a bariatric surgery unit. The out-patient area or clinic must have wider doors to facilitate a smooth entry of the patient to the hospital. Special wheelchairs with high weight bearing capacity must be available in the hospital to transfer the patient from one place to another. Same goes for stretchers, seating, beds and chairs.  A dedicated bariatric unit must have all equipment labelled clearly with their weight bearing capacity so that errors may be avoided. Larger blood pressure cuffs must be available, bi-pap machines and DVT calf pumps must be readily available. Best bariatric surgery hospitals must also have specially designed comfortable clothing for obese patients. At times when these patients are given normal hospital clothes they may not fit into them and it can get extremely embarrassing for the patients. Washrooms must have floor mounted commodes instead of wall mounted ones as they may be at risk of breaking down under the weight. Floor mounted commodes have a better weight bearing capacity. Washrooms must also have anti-slippage mechanism so as to prevent patients from slipping and avoiding injuries. I visit multiple hospitals in Mumbai. Some of these are listed as under: 1.       Gleneagles Global Hospital, Parel 2.       Apollo Hospital, CBD, Belapur 3.       Apollo Spectra Hospital, Tardeo and Chembur 4.       Currae Hospital, Thane 5.       Namaha Hospital, Kandivali West 6.       Suchak Hospital, Malad East. At each of these hospitals, it is our endeavour to keep our patients happy and safe and these are some of the best hospitals for bariatric surgery in Mumbai. I also visit Sunshine Global Hospital in Surat and it is one of the best hospitals in Surat for bariatric surgery.

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