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  2. Introduction When Homer Hickam gives it his all and does not give up, he will succeed in the end.

  3. Supporting Quotations Page 48: He did not know he was going to build a rocket but instead he has hope it’s going to go well. Page 68: He has confidence when he told Mr.Dubonnet that he is going to be on Von Braun's team in Cape Canaveral Page 231: Quentin has hope that they will win it all at the science even though there just boys from a small town in West Virginia. Also, this gives the BCMA some hope. Page 362: Sonny trusts his dad in the end and lets him launch the BCMA’s last rocket and Sonny congratulates his dad in the end.

  4. Everyone knows one has to work for what they want in life if they ever wants to leave Coalwood and make their dreams a reality Quote on page 62: Quentin is telling Sonny that if he builds a rocket with him and if they work hard enough, they will both have a better chance of getting down to the Cape. Quote on page 228: Dad has hope that Sonny will be a mining engineer when he gets older. Quote on page 351: Mr. Catton fights for Sonny by getting the strike to let him build missiles for the Rocket boys. This gives Coalwood hope that Sonny will win the science fair for his town and carry the title around to help him fufill his dreams. Quote on page 68: Sonny has hope that he will be able to go to college and then join Werner von Braun’s team at Cape Canaveral

  5. Sonny is aware that when you get your hopes up you might be left with disappointment. Quote on page 96: After everything was going smoothly for the rocket boys while Mr. Bykovski was helping the boys make rockets (even though he wasn’t allowed to be doing it), Sonny heard the news that they had been caught and Ike Bykovkski was being moved to work in the mine. Quote on page 223: In this passage, Sonny finds out that he is unable to take the calculus class he worked so hard to create. But now because of his grades he does not make the cut and will have to find another way to learn Calculus. Quote on page 238-239: In this section, Sonny is at the dugout with his friends when he sees Dorothy walk in appearing to be alone. He is surged with excitement to go talk to her since they have become good friends. He quickly changes his mind when he sees that his own brother, Jim, is Dorothy’s date. Sonny becomes overwhelmed with sadness and disappointment.

  6. Sonny and the people of Coalwood that wanted the boys to succeed always had faith even during their biggest failures and never gave up hope. Quote on page 150: When the BCMA went into debt, O’Dell suggested to sell cast iron to pay it off. Quote on page 37: The Rocket boys never stopped trying to build rockets even after they destroyed Elsie’s fence on their very first launch. Elsie even allowed Sonny to continue to make rockets because of how badly she wanted him to succeed. Quote on page 224: When Sonny is unable to take the calculus class, he finds a way to still learn the math he needs to know for rocket building from Quentin and also from the math book he found in his father’s room.

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