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UDL Plan for Melanie

UDL Plan for Melanie. Michelle Cook, ESE Teacher Blooms Elementary School Crestview, FL .

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UDL Plan for Melanie

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  1. UDL Plan for Melanie Michelle Cook, ESE Teacher Blooms Elementary School Crestview, FL

  2. Provide Melanie with the quality AT devices and communications along with the ability to learn and master the course of subjects throughout the school year. During the school year, focusing on Melanie’s weak points and subject areas by utilizing devices of software, auditory reading machines, a timer for the length of lesson to be completed at computer station for math during the school day. Prepare Melanie to become self sufficient using any type of AT or technology devices so the stress level or being fearful of using such items are not present.

  3. Math Solutions/Problem SolvingSeatwork • Sequencing numbers from 1 to 50 • Matching numbers while writing them 1 to 50 • Counting (rote) 1 to 50 verbally • Addition (single digit) • Subtraction (single digit) • Work at computer station for three weeks then have a partner. • 30 minute time frame at computer work station.

  4. Communication • Work on Speech and Language skills • Use Speech generated devices with different levels • Promote polite & positive participation • Speak in normal tone of voice and listen attentively • Positive Talk

  5. Standard Seatwork &Work Station • Be prepared – have materials and work ready • Be productive – turn in work on time • Be responsible for classroom work • Be a problem solver – correct problems quickly and peacefully • Strive for high achievements and grades • Improve confidence

  6. Reading • Invite the Media Specialist/Librarian • Reading books packages to be sent home on Monday • Reading book reviews (verbally) • Build Language and vocabulary skills • Learn to read directions and books on her own by December

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