an introduction to the iud toolkit n.
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An Introduction to the IUD Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction to the IUD Toolkit

An Introduction to the IUD Toolkit

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An Introduction to the IUD Toolkit

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  1. An Introduction to the IUD Toolkit

  2. What does the IUD Toolkit provide? • Comprehensive, standardized, scientifically-accurate, and evidence-based information on the IUD • Guidance on IUD best practices • Tools to help improve access to and quality of IUD services

  3. What is in the IUD Toolkit? • Information and resources to develop and expand IUD services in reproductive health programs • The most up-to-date research evidence and expert advice about the IUD from the scientific literature, WHO, and other international reproductive health organizations • Case studies on IUD-related activities from several countries • IUD information and tools in different languages

  4. Why do we need an IUD Toolkit? • This toolkit was created to alleviate myths and misperceptions while providing positive evidence-based practices about the IUD. • Expanding access to the IUD with high quality services helps fulfill women’s right to contraceptive choice and can contribute to sustainable family planning programs.

  5. Who created the IUD Toolkit? • The MAQ IUD Subcommittee A group of experts in international reproductive health and family planning from 16 organizations that work in the areas of program planning, training, advocacy, marketing, research, policy, and logistics. • This committee is part of USAID's Maximizing Access and Quality Initiative (

  6. Who should use the IUD Toolkit? • Policy-makers and program managers interested in adding or improving existing IUD services • Providers, potential clients, teachers, and students interested in accurate information about IUDs

  7. How should the IUD Toolkit be used? • Navigate through the web site for information on several aspects of implementing IUD-related activities • Adapt tools and information to meet needs of individual programs and service efforts • Use the search function and site map to find specific information on IUDs and IUD services

  8. Where is the IUD Toolkit?

  9. How To Navigate the Site • Click on the tab of interest at the top of any IUD Toolkit web site page. • Click on the subsection of interest, if applicable. Example: Service Delivery

  10. How To Navigate the Site (continued) • The page shows a list of documents on that topic. • To see the full-text of a document, click on the language label, for example, “English” or “French.” • To see more information about a document, click on the title of the document.

  11. How To Navigate the Site (continued) • When you click on the title of a document, you go to a page with more information about the document: • Page numbers • Summary • Author(s) • Year of publication

  12. How To Navigate the Site (continued) • The “Tools” link from the Home page provides a list of all the tools/job aids that can be incorporated into different service delivery settings.

  13. Adapting the Toolkit for your needs • The MAQ IUD Subcommittee encourages you to adapt and use the tools or other information from the IUD Toolkit for your own use. • Please remember to credit the source. • If you do use or adapt information from the Toolkit, we would appreciate hearing about it. • Contact us by sending an e-mail message to: