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Hello Business Ethicists! Global Integrity & Employee Engagement PowerPoint Presentation
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Hello Business Ethicists! Global Integrity & Employee Engagement

Hello Business Ethicists! Global Integrity & Employee Engagement

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Hello Business Ethicists! Global Integrity & Employee Engagement

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  1. Hello Business Ethicists! Global Integrity & Employee Engagement

  2. Introductions Jessica Beane Compliance Manager – Process and Operations With Gap: 7 years Why I came to Gap: Coming from a law firm, I wanted a better work / life balance. The legal department at Gap offered that. Arnetta Lee Compliance Manager – Employee Engagement & Communication and Program Risk Assessment With Gap: 12years Why I came to Gap: I wanted to be a part of a cool global company to grow my skills and find my passion. Cherilyn Olguin HR Manager – Engagement and Recognition With Gap: 13 years Why I came to Gap: I started at Gap as atemporary part-time job in college and I stayed for the people and culture!

  3. Then… And Now… And Then? • 2005 • What was the world like 10 years ago? The workplace? Gap? • 2015 • What is the world like today? The workplace? Gap? • 2025 • What will the world be like 10 years from now? The workplace? Gap

  4. Gap Inc. Culture Performance Culture I Measure Engagement I Reward and Recognize Performance Standard We set tough objectives and work hard to exceed our goals. We do what it takes to win in the marketplace with integrity. We live the values of our company. If we fall short of hitting our goals, we quickly learn from our experience and strive to win. Managers inspire and drive performance of their teams through regular coaching and feedback.

  5. Gap Inc.’s Code of Business Conduct The Code of Business Conduct (COBC) serves as a guide and resource. How does one apply the COBC when faced with an ethical dilemma?

  6. Choose Your Adventure Mitra, Sales Associate at Gap, feels she is not being treated fairly by her manager, Amanda. She feels Amanda favors Thomas, another Sales Associate. Thomas gets the best hours, never has to do the grunt work and seems to always have Friday and Saturday nights off. Mitra saw pictures on Instagram of Thomas and Amanda at several parties the previous weekend. Mitra is furious, having confirmed that they have some sort of relationship going on which is why Thomas is getting the better hours and work duties. Mitra then: 1. Takes a screen shot of the photos of Thomas and Amanda and posts to her own Instragram. 2. Does nothing. 3. Calls her HR manager the following day to report the suspected relationship and the unfair treatment.

  7. Ethical Dilemma Melanie, a high profile “up and coming” designer, was hired five months ago to design accessories for Banana Republic. Sarah, her assistant noticed that Melanie did not disclose her jewelry business on the required COBC paperwork. Sarah knows Melanie creates one-of-a-kind pieces and sells them online, some pieces for over $200 each. Sarah thinks Melanie should have disclosed the jewelry business on the required COBC paperwork and is uncomfortable with the lack of disclosure. She tells her co-worker, Robert, about it over a casual lunch. Robert tells Sarah to be careful because she wouldn’t want to lose her job if Melanie finds out it was Sarah who spoke up. What should each of these employees do? • Group 1 = Melanie • Group 2 = Sarah • Group 3 = Robert

  8. Thank You!