welcome to lawn jox lawn mowing olive branch lawn n.
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Welcome To Lawn Jox

Welcome To Lawn Jox

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Welcome To Lawn Jox

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  1. Welcome To Lawn Jox | Lawn Mowing Olive Branch | Lawn Care in Memphis TN In 2006, we brought a unique style of mowing service to the Mid South area. We focused on setting up small trucks for just lawn mowing using small walk-behind equipment and a speedy, yet thorough method. Lawn Jox set the stage for highly efficient, cost-effective and affordable lawn care service. Now, Lawn Jox has expanded with additional services and a satisfaction guarantee. Call now at 901-529-6569 or use the contact form. Our team of Lawn Jox professionals does a thorough job of trimming and mowing in areas most mowers cannot get to, including around trees, fences, garden beds and near houses. We’ll take care of all parts of your property, and even edge sidewalks, driveways and patios, ensuring hard surfaces are clean. Our Bobcat, Toro, John Deere mowers and Redmax equipment will ensure our crews get the job done. We service our equipment daily and sharpen blades often for clean cut grass, providing you with an exceptional lawn. We would be thrilled to answer any questions you have and serve your needs so please contact us at 901-529-6569.

  2. What We Serve Lawn Jox offers a wide variety of services for all of your lawn care needs, including mowing, landscape maintenance and lawn care application. Our dedicated team of certified lawn care technicians understands what your turf needs to look great.Following are our services:- Mowing Service, Landscape Maintenance, Lawncare/ Spraying, Nutsedge Control, Fertilization, Soil conditioning, Tick and Flea Control Program, Leaf removal, Trimming, Planting, Mulch, Plug Core Aeration Locations Fertilization Olive Branch Mosquito Control Olive Branch Fertilization Southaven Mosquito Control Southaven Fertilization Horn Lake Mosquito Control Horn Lake Fertilization Cordova Mosquito Control Cordova Fertilization Germantown Mosquito Control Germantown Fertilization Collierville Mosquito Control Collierville Fertilization Bartlett Mosquito Control Bartlett Fertilization Arlington Mosquito Control Arlington Fertilization Lakeland Shelby County TN Mosquito Control Lakeland Shelby County TN Fertilization Hernando in Desoto County MS Mosquito Control Hernando in Desoto County MS