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2014 Alumni Banquet PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 Alumni Banquet

2014 Alumni Banquet

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2014 Alumni Banquet

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  1. 2014 Alumni Banquet

  2. Stars For Tomorrow Award

  3. Max Goodhue Son of Casey and Stephany Goodhue In partnership with Great Western Bank Gave examples of trust when helping his Grandmother, showing respect for his science teacher, demonstrating responsibility by confessing to a mowing mishap, making a game fair, caring for his mother by taking the initiative to do laundry for her, and citizenship in helping build a community concession stand.

  4. Braxton Hinders Son of Robyn and Kent Hinders In partnership with People’s Bank Gave examples of being trusted by working in the Middle School Office, showing respect to coaches even during hard practices, demonstrating responsibility in caring for children, participating in sports fairly, and giving his time to go on a mission trip to help build homes as an example of showing citizenship.

  5. Jeopardyanswers!!

  6. Jeopardy answers Who is . . . . ? Gordon Ramsey Romanovs Uncle toms cabin Teddy bears Freelance Scheherazade Cate blaanchett Matterhorn James Madison jupiter Lebronjames Humerus Lasers Lake Ontario Mayflower Californium Indiana Privilege “a summer’s day” West side story Rocky road Miss Havisham Libreria Harriet tubman Prompt Single jingle Edgar allenpoe Great wall of china 435 Termites Isak Dinesen target

  7. Guest speakerjoe wimp – class of 2000Joe sold his business and is traveling around the world. During his visits he is humbly giving to the needy people he encounters in various countries. He coordinated, paid for and hand carried 120 30 lbs. bags of rice into Cambodia to an orphanage. He gave away his $1200.00 camera to a woman in Australia because he heard her tell her husband she lost theirs. He coordinated a food drive in a small village in Peru, South America. He paid for a heart transplant for a 15 year old girl in Chile. He made sure a man in Turkey had enough pain medication for his back for six months when he could not afford it. He has literally given the clothes off his back – seven North Face Jackets.

  8. Honor roll membersJerry lane, don kline, Patricia BetzerWillemssen, Ed Owens, Dan Crum, Kerri Gooding WarrenMary Jane Justus Reimenschneider 2014

  9. Flags in Schools Code of iowa – house file 172

  10. Display of United States Flag and the State Flag Schools must provide and maintain a suitable flagstaff for both flags.

  11. Schools must also display an American-made flag of the United States in each classroom. The board of directors of each public school district and the authorities in charge of each nonpublic school shall provide and maintain a suitable flagstaff on each school site under its control, and the United States flag and the Iowa state flag shall be raised on all school days when weather conditions are suitable. In addition to the requirements of section 280.5, the board of directors of each school district shall cause an American-made United States flag in good condition to be displayed during school hours in each public school classroom in the district.

  12. The Pledge of Allegiance To be recited daily or have one minute of silence.

  13. Recitation of Pledge of Allegiance This bill requires the board of directors of each public school and the authorities in charge of each accreditednonpublic school to cause the pledge of allegiance to be recited at the beginning of each school day, unless the requirement conflicts with the nonpublic school's religious doctrines. Persons reciting the pledge of allegiance must stand holding their right hand over their heart. A student shall not be compelled against the student's objections, or those of the student's parent or guardian, to recite the pledge, but shall be required to maintain a respectful silence. • MOMENT OF SILENCE. • The board of directors of a school district may establish a daily observance of one minute of silence in each classroom. A teacher employed by a school district may also establish a daily observance of one minute of silence in the teacher's classroom. During any daily observance of the one-minute period of silence, each teacher responsible for a classroom shall ensure that students remain attentive so that each student may reflect or engage in any silent activity that does not interfere with other students in their exercise of their choice."

  14. Honoring Flag Day

  15. 2013 Memoriam 2014 Memoriam

  16. Recognition of classes :ofThose in attendance1935 – 79 years ago1939 – 75 years ago1944 – 70 years ago1954 – 60 years ago1964 – 50 years ago1989 - 25 years ago

  17. Class of 1939 75 years since graduation

  18. 27 Classmates Doris Aldridge Swarz Robert Bartholomew Mary Bender stuart Phyllis black Richardson Bessie Boatwright estey Helen brockettpetrie Joy canaday foster Wildachaplin pricket Mary frances Ellison foulke Helen foster hindal William jack fry Clarence graham Robert jump Mary Justus riemenschneider Phyllis kailhagerty Jack killen Ruth michaelson Thompson Lloyd miller Valorysmunnwilliams Gene Pegram cliffordprall Wilson prall William preston Harold rothfus Harold runciman Mary sellers Woodward Harriet wright troxell

  19. Mary Frances Ellison Foulke Wilton, Connecticut

  20. Robert jump Denton, Texas

  21. Mary Justus riemenschneider Annette, Missouri

  22. Wilson prall Brigham City, Utah

  23. Honored classes:1964 – Don Wyckoff1989- Kerri Gooding Warren

  24. Scholarship recipients 2014

  25. Jack fry memorial scholarship $1000Dylan Dunn

  26. Duane and Peg VanPattenMemorial scholarship $1000Katelyn Kozak

  27. Foulke Family scholarship $1000Taylor Hammond

  28. Jerry Triplett Memorial scholarship $500Bradley Hydorn

  29. Marie Handley Janes Memorial scholarship$2500Andrew Workman

  30. Tom Prall Honorary scholarship$1500Mary Grace Wachal

  31. Red Crum Memorial scholarship $1000Seth Hammond

  32. Class of 1963 scholarship $600Brianna Stoever

  33. Class of 1964 scholarship $700Aaron Olson

  34. Class of 1971 scholarship$600Katie Berg

  35. Class of 1989 scholarship$500Sarah Cummings

  36. Alumni Cares scholarshipin honor of mary and regina Sinclair $1000Grace Burgin

  37. Alumni cares scholarshipin honor of joe wimp $1000Spencer Endecott

  38. Dan Crum 2014 Inductee to the chs alumni hall of fame

  39. Business meeting agenda • 1. additions to the agenda • 2. Minutes • 3. Treasurer’s report • 4. New Business a. Slate of officers for 2014 – 2015

  40. 2014 -2015 officers/board Board: Officers: Sharon Courtney Janes President – Judy Bruce Russell Kitty Rothfus Pezzetti Secretary – Julie Hogue Kruse Kayla Kain Price Treasurer – Robin Ellis Gurwell Dan Crum Dora Schrodt Guffey Dean VanRyswyk Tony Rhinehart Joe Grandstaff Thanks to Char Tyler Cooper, William Eggers, Annesa Conrad Bergstrom, Tami Clayworth Lambson

  41. EVENTS/FUNDRAISERS Paypal Father/Daughter Dance Career Day Sponsored an Author Reading/Signing in partnership with the public library Golf Tournament July 5th Bash hosted by Class of ‘79/photo booth fundraiser/float Carlisle Pickers with a Side of Bacon Homecoming Chili Supper/float Alumni Night/Cat Show /shirt sales kickoff Used dress sale 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Buddy Bench Yellow pages I CHS fund drive/class scholarship challenge Carlisle Cares scholarship Partnered with Hugen Photography – Easter

  42. Athletic hall of fame 1. by nomination2. should have a record or recognition at the state level for verification3. Presented at alumni night in February4. display in commonsNOTE– WebsiteHonored– Form line and photos after program