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Self-Portrait Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Self-Portrait Project

Self-Portrait Project

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Self-Portrait Project

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  1. Self-Portrait Project Plan, Create, Present and Reflect

  2. Drawing

  3. Face Card Portrait • Picture is YOU but looks like a traditional face card. • Card had to have a point of  symmetry • Should include pattern. • Materials: Heavy drawing paper or poster board, pencils, permanent markers, rulers, temper paint or acrylic or markers could be used. 

  4. Clear Window Portraits • Use Photoshop to turn a photo of you into a 4 color value scale to make drawing easier. • Trace face on clear plastic with permanent marker • Color with markers adding details and a background. • Display on window with light showing through

  5. What's in your head? • Think about the parts of your brain and how they work. • Draw images and symbols that show your activities and personality based on the Left side (logical-mathematical) and the Right side (creative) of the brain.

  6. Scratchboard from digital photograph • Dramatic lighting was used to create striking photographs of the students. • Using Photoshop, high contrast images were created. • Students used a variety of textures.

  7. Painting

  8. What do I Value?Painting • Create a painting using only black, white and values of gray. • Think about the things you value and what is important to you. Then create a list to use for the painting.

  9. Glue Relief Self Portraits • Students draw self portrait from observation using mirrors. • Plan composition on newsprint paper then transfer to black construction paper. • Outline with white glue - focus on patterns on clothing. • Include a personal symbol that represents self. • Allow glue to dry. • Color portrait with oil pastels or soft pastels.

  10. Profile Portraits

  11. Poetry Portraits Write poetry about yourself and collage the poetry a hand made book

  12. Pop Art Lichtenstein style • Look at work by Roy Lichtenstein and other Pop Artists • Create a painting or drawing that in comic style using the famous DOT technique.

  13. Face in the Mirror Watercolor • Draw the back of your head inside a room environment and include a mirror frame. • Paint with water colors • Glue in digital picture of yourself looking into the mirror.

  14. Collage

  15. What is in Your Head? Who am I Collage? • Digital or paper collage • Find images that match your interests. • Get a photo of yourself in profile. • Cut out the silhouette in black and fill the ret with images.

  16. Contour drawing and digital collage • Draw a pencil self-portrait from observation.  • The drawing will be scanned into the computer and in Adobe Photoshop combined with images that describe the artist's life.

  17. Digital Ideas

  18. About Me PowerPoint • Get photos of yourself doing your favorite activities. • Put it in a Power Point with other images, sounds and movies that share your likes and dislikes. • Include a movie clip or audio clip of YOU TALKING about yourself.

  19. Photo story Use photostory or windows movie maker to create a video slide show of pictures from your life.

  20. 3-D Ideas Clay and Sculpture

  21. Pottery Sculpture Of yourself or the things you like to do

  22. Self Portrait Ceramic Plates

  23. Bobble Head Dolls • Get 2 plastic drink bottles The body was a bottle. The head was a bottle which I cut about an inch from the top. • Paper Mache both parts • Draw in pencil on the paper Mache. • Then color with markers! 

  24. Personal Identity in a Box • Decorate a box with pictures and items that show your personality. • In this case the box IS a person, including arms and legs and a brain. The brain shows things the student thinks about.

  25. Pillow Portraits • Draw your face with pencil on muslin • Paint with fabric paint • sew along the contour shape of their portraits and then stuff and sew closed

  26. Personal Identity Shadow Boxes • Decorate a box with pictures that show your personality. • Must include a drawing or picture of you on the outside. Appearances and activities. • On the inside put things that have to do with your personality

  27. Moveable Murals – Life size portrait cut-outs • Photograph yourself • Draw it life sized onto cardboard • Paint or collage