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NIU Oxford

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  1. NIU Oxford 38th Annual Summer Program at Oriel College, Oxford University JUNE 24 - AUGUST 3, 2007  Professor Artemus Ward Dept. of Political Science Office: Zulauf Hall 410 E-mail:

  2. The Oxford Experience • Take can take up to nine credit hours (most take one or two courses) taught at Oxford by NIU faculty: Political Science, English, Biology. • A typical class will meet T TH for two hours each day, leaving plenty of time for long weekend trips. • On certain days, instead of having class, we will go on field trips to London and other nearby locations.

  3. Political Science • LAW AND COURTS IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE: SOCIAL CHANGE • This course will compare the legal structures and substantive law of a number of countries including the United States and Great Britain as well as other common law jurisdictions such as Canada , Australia , New Zealand , India , South Africa , and Israel. We will pay particular attention to the question of how law and courts are involved in the process of social change. Can social change be achieved through constitutionalization, judicial review, and litigation strategies or are social movements best served focusing their energies elsewhere such as in popular decision-making bodies and legislation. • Courses: POLS 317, 414, 495, 498, 519.

  4. Field Trips • The program cost includes one trip to Stratford-upon-Avon with tickets to a Royal Shakespeare Company performance. • As a class we will get a private tour of the Houses of Parliament in London, see the British Museum where the Rosetta Stone and other famed artifacts are housed, and tour the underground “Cabinet War Rooms” where Winston Churchill and the British government conducted WWII. • Of course we will also walk by No.10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives and Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives as well as lots of other sites.

  5. Accommodations & Meals • Students will reside in modernized single rooms in a 12th century college building, with baths and toilets shared between each pair of rooms. • Breakfast is served daily and dinner will be served each Monday in the 17th-century Hall. Students will be responsible for the purchase of all lunches, as well as dinners on every day but Monday. • The program will have exclusive use of a Common Room for socializing, and students will have access to the College Library and other Oxford libraries. • The college has a laundry room, and dry cleaning is available nearby.

  6. Program Cost • The fee for the program is $6,850. This includes: • Housing, breakfast seven days a week, and dinner on Mondays in the College Dining Hall • Use of an Oriel College Common Room and the College Library • Two field trips • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) • NIU tuition for 3-9 semester hours of undergraduate or graduate credit • NIU major medical insurance • Airfare – You are responsible for this. However, the POLS department is offering $500 stipends for the first 8 POLS majors to sign up for the program.

  7. More Information • Deadline to apply: May 1, 2007. • More information on the program: • • • NIU Study Abroad Office: Williston Hall 417 Phone:  (815)753-0304 • E-mail Professor Ward: • This PowerPoint presentation is on the web: