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Critical A nalysis Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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Critical A nalysis Essay

Critical A nalysis Essay

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Critical A nalysis Essay

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  1. Critical Analysis Essay

  2. Introduction When two lions fight for the same prey, it is usually only the strongest that will survive. Human beings also use self-preservation as a means of survival when they must compete with others in order to stay alive. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Ralph, and Jack both succumb to self-preservation, either through tyrannical reign or instinctual acts to survive. Also, in Peter Jackson’s Pleasantville, the citizens of Pleasantville fold to their self-preservation when they see that the new demands are liberating.

  3. Thesis statement Individualsresort to self-preservation in order to advance themselves or their cause, even if it must be achieved through violent means or the exploitation of others.

  4. Introduction Ever since the earliest civilisations, politicians, philosophers and sociologists have studied the human condition by exploring the nature of self-preservation. A segment of these intellectuals, including Aristotle and Thomas Hobbes, advocated that human beings have a natural tendency to favour self-preservation over preserving moral dispositions when faced with competing demands. This idea has been the subject for many literary works and has influenced the ideas of many prolific authors and thinkers, one of the most famous being William Golding.

  5. Thesis statement Throughout the novel, Lord of The Flies, the author William Golding utilizes Ralph’s reluctance to help Sam and Eric as well as his abandonment of societal norms to suggest that when forced to confront competing demands, individuals naturally favour self-preservation.

  6. Introduction Needs more than three sentences. Expand on your idea between the hook and the thesis statement. Explain your ideas – the main topic Funnel your ideas towards the thesis statement (upside down triangle) Brief summary of the texts being used

  7. NO STORYTELLING ALLOWED! Textual evidence Brief Explanation Longer

  8. Example + explanation “Eli sees a rabbi fall behind and his son keeps going, letting his father fall to the back and possibly be killed. This may be viewed as a betrayal but also as the son’s path to salvation. By leaving his father behind, he no longer has to care for him and can provide himself with a greater chance of survival. Selfish perhaps, but more likely an act of self-preservation made because his will to survive is greater than his love for his father.”

  9. During this chase, Ralph bludgeons hunters and resorts to traps and sneak attacks in order to advance himself and survive. Despite his portrayal as a person with pacifist tendencies, Ralph shows that in order to preserve himself, he is obligated to resort to violent actions. For example, while the hunters begin smoking him out of the forest, Ralph crouches in some of the brush, waiting with a spear.

  10. Conclusion Summary of your case for the thesis. Needs to be more than three sentences. Must touch on the ideas you explored in the body Narrow to broad (right-side up triangle) Most people have tip and base but missing the middle support

  11. Conclusion “The idea that a person’s sense of self-respect can govern their actions and lead them to follow a path in which they feel morally justified is evident in Shakespeare’s play.” Shakespeare uses the protagonist, Hamlet, and the nobility that he possesses to illustrate how maintaining one’s sense of morals allows him to rationalize his actions and thus not feel as though he has committed some kind of massive wrong himself. It also shows how

  12. one’s self respect can govern him to rise above the adversity of the situation presented before him. When one truly believes that he is correcting an injustice, he is able to do anything that must be done to make the situation right.”