importance of chenille fabric in furniture n.
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Chenille Upholstery Fabric PowerPoint Presentation
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Chenille Upholstery Fabric

Chenille Upholstery Fabric

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Chenille Upholstery Fabric

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  2. When it comes to furniture, the most important aspects are comfort and durability. Better is the upholstery, better you will get the level of comfort and durability. Since the advent of furniture many different materials have been used for upholstery including leather, cotton, vinyl, nylon, polyester and olefin and so on. One of the best upholstery materials being used today is chenille upholstery fabric. It is ranked by e-bay users as the most durable upholstery material!

  3. What actually is chenille? This is a soft to touch synthetic fiber made from cotton, acrylic rayon and olefin, invented by the French. Its iridescent property is due to the way fibers are assorted in its micro-structure giving it a captivating look. This rather informallookingfabric is strong enough to be used for sofas under high stress, as in your living room.

  4. The use of chenille upholstery fabric in furniture is on a constant increase. This is due to a number of factors. • 1. It is comfortable as well as very durable in use. Once you have a sofa, couch or mattress upholstered with this amazing stuff it will last long enough. • 2. Unlike leather, its preparation does not harm any animals so when you sit in your comfortable couch you don't have the guilt of having killed an innocent animal to get the comfort. • 3. Cotton production cannot alone fulfill the demands of the fabric industry, chenille uses many other synthetic components which makes it a hope of the future furniture market.

  5. 4. Cleaning chenille is very easy. Just use a little bit of solvent and remove the stain right away! NO worries of going to a dry cleaner if you spill a cup of coffee on your sofa. • 5. Leather and velvet seem to be too mainstream for your common room items? Need something new and more informal? Chenille is here, choose from a number of stunning designs and patterns ad give your place a more lively look. • 6. You live in a warm country and leather just gives you too much sweat while sitting on it? No problem at all! You now have a much better choice. It will keep you body aerated so that when you get up there is no wet mark of sweat on your back. • 7. You need a perfect match in your curtains, bedding, upholstering and all the stuff? Chenille upholstery fabric is the fabric of choice for you as it can be used indiscriminately for all of the purposes in the room may it be your sofa, mattress, chair or curtain. So when you opt

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