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Turquoise Velvet Upholstery Fabric PowerPoint Presentation
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Turquoise Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Turquoise Velvet Upholstery Fabric

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Turquoise Velvet Upholstery Fabric

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  1. Turquoise Velvet Upholstery Fabric Velvet is associated with comfort and luxury and not very long ago, the fabric was only in the afford ability of the kings and wealthy business men. At that time velvet was used to make highly expensive and luxurious clothing for the prominent people. Making something like furniture out of velvet was completely out of the question. It was only by the virtue of modernization and the introduction of industrialized manufacturing processes that there was a possibility of making velvet available to every common man. These days, velvet is available for upholstery uses in all colors, designs and qualities. Among all these colors is the turquoise velvet upholstery fabric. A shade of blue and green origin, turquoise is a great and graceful color. The color comes in velvet which is especially soft to touch and highly comfortable. Some of the reasons why should select the turquoise velvet for upholstery are Contact Us- Phone- + 44 7404 158 960 Open 6 days a week 10am till Mobile- + 44 8443 448 588 5pm Closed all day Sunday

  2. 1. The color suits every occasion and place Turquoise being a mix shade of blue and green, id liked a lot by people of all ages and especially the youngsters. The color is neither too gloomy nor much gay so it can work well for occasions of all types. 2. It is smooth like nothing else it Ever heard the maxim that says “Smooth like velvet” that’s actually false. Nothing else is as smooth as velvet. The velvet touch is the smoothest touch one can ever have. Velvet is the smoothest material of all times. It is extremely comfortable to be used as an upholstery fabric. 3. It is fairly durable Beauty is mostly delicate but that’s not the case with velvet. Velvet, along with being highly smooth, soft and comfortable, is a highly durable fabric too. You can use the turquoise velvet upholstery fabric for jobs of all kinds and it will always live up to your expectations. 4. It is classy and gives touch of the elite Velvet dictates class. There was a time when it used to be the top class in fabrics. Even now it is considered to be a good fabric and its use in upholstery showcases how you like to buy only the best. It’s even better when the velvet is of turquoise color. It can be used in bedding, curtains =, couches chairs and everything else. All your fabric needs, now fulfilled at Yorkshire fabric shop. Your one-stop shop to buy all kinds of upholstery items and fabrics including pink, teal turquoise and a lot of other modern and vintage shades with a choice of fabric from leather to velvet and cotton to chenille. All this is available on the best rates in the city and the shop is the globe itself. You can shop from literally anywhere by just logging on to the online store utility of Yorkshire fabric shop. Contact Us- Phone- + 44 7404 158 960 Open 6 days a week 10am till Mobile- + 44 8443 448 588 5pm Closed all day Sunday

  3. Contact Us- Phone- + 44 7404 158 960 Open 6 days a week 10am till Mobile- + 44 8443 448 588 5pm Closed all day Sunday