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Velvet Fabric

Introduction about Velvet Fabric<br>Is Velvet Fabric is in in trend/fashionable?<br>Features of Velvet Fabric<br>Types of velvet fabrics<br>Some Disadvantages<br>How to Print on Fabrics?<br>Contact Us<br>

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Velvet Fabric

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  1. DIGITAL PRINTED VELVET FABRIC One Fabric Solution For Everyone Needs

  2. List Of Contents • Introduction about Velvet Fabric • Is Velvet Fabric is in in trend/fashionable? • Features of Velvet Fabric • Types of velvet fabrics • Some Disadvantages • How to Print on Fabrics? • Contact Us

  3. Introduction to Velvet Fabric • Type of Woven Tufted Fabric • Cut Threads distributed in even manner • Giving Soft and Smooth Feel • In Ancient times, It’s very expensive and symbol of royalty

  4. Is Velvet Fabric is in in trend/fashionable? • Old is Gold! • Velvet Fabric never be old fashioned • Many Celebrities and VIP’s wore clothes made from velvet fabric giving elegance and Vintage Look.

  5. Features of Velvet Fabric • Soft • Luxurious • Comfortable • Smooth And Elegant Look • Stylish Look • Keeping You Warm in Winters

  6. Types of Velvet Fabrics • Silk Velvet • Cotton Velvet • Nylon Velvet • Polyester stretch velvet etc

  7. Some Disadvantages • Little Tough to clean • Need Some more Gentle Care

  8. How to Print On Fabrics? • Simply upload your raw design work in the website • Select your favorite type of fabric • Get your design printed and delivered at your doorsteps

  9. Contact Us • We Provides high quality and customizable digital printing on fabrics. • Also helps designers to designs their thoughts and to print it on reality • Having Worldwide Happy Customers For More information , You can Visit Here

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