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Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery Fabrics

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Upholstery Fabrics

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  1. Upholstery Fabrics Yorkshire Fabric Shop

  2. Furniture is one of the basic requirements of every house. Without furniture, no living place is complete. It is an important component of our houses, shops, offices, schools and every other place where humans are found. In fact we cannot live without furniture. To make the furniture presentable, comfortable and durable upholstery is used.

  3. Though the furniture is complete without it, but it is a mere skeleton of wood which is the least presentable to be kept in a drawing room or an office. It is the upholstery fabric that makes the furniture appealing and good looking. As a basic definition, it is the fabric is the fabric used to cover the wood of the furniture and make it somewhat more presentable.

  4. Upholstery is an old field and man has used the upholstery fabric from the time when he made the furniture for the first time. In this age, the upholstery is one of the most important components of home décor. The type of upholstery chosen for a room or house shows the taste of the home owner.

  5. Apart from the beauty, there is another thing which must be considered while selecting an upholstery fabric. The fabric must be durable enough to withstand daily use and misuse. Some of the best upholstery fabrics are listed below.

  6. 1.Leather Leather has been in the service of man since very long. Leather may be produced by hides of animals or by synthetic processes. Leather is so far one of the most durable materials known to man. It is graceful, durable and has a nice touch. However, it is a bit costly so it is not used for large applications like upholstery that much. But once you get leather upholstery furniture, it will last you ages.

  7. 2.Linen V3.vinyl Fabric It is a fabric of synthetic origin and is one of the most used upholstery materials. It is rough and tough, can be made fire proof and is nonabsorbent. Spillage of water or any other fluid is not an issue when you have vinyl fabric upholstery in your room. It is mostly used in the furniture that has to serve in public places because rough use doesn’t take much negative toll on it. This fabric is also of a natural origin. Derived from the fibers of the plant linen, it is quite laborious top manufacture. It is known in garments and upholstery for its soft and comfortable touch. The fabric is also considerably strong to last long.

  8. 4.Cotton Fabric Another fabric of the natural origin, cotton fabric is also used for upholstery. However it is not much durable and tough when used as pure cotton. Cotton blended with synthetic fabrics serves well in upholstery. It is characterized by soft touch and a number of different printing options available.

  9. Polyester As the name suggests it is a synthetic fabric. It is made by chemical process without any natural input. The fabric is widely used in a number of applications including upholstery. Like vinyl it is good for rough use and is not much costly.

  10. In above pares, we have tried to explain this classy fabric in the best possible manner. In order to know more about upholstery fabric and to have a look at its samples please visit us at Yorkshire fabric shop.

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