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How to Create Free Printable Digital Brochures PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Create Free Printable Digital Brochures

How to Create Free Printable Digital Brochures

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How to Create Free Printable Digital Brochures

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  1. How to Create Free Printable Digital Brochures By XFlipsoft

  2. Introduction • It's generally believed that one digital brochure could always be an effective marketing tool as well as being lower in cost than printing and mailing if your company wants to provide customers with information about products or services upon request. • And that is why many software providers produces many kinds of digital publishing software, which makes it possible for anyone to create a professional digital brochure without producing or distributing them, giving you the opportunity to make a good use of digital medias to promote your products and services correctly and effectively. Here we would like to share you with the tutorial on how to create free electronic brochures easily.

  3. Steps • 1. It’s wise to open a desktop publishing software program or a word processing program that has brochure templates available. Here the easy-to-use XFlipdigital brochure software is highly recommended.

  4. 2. Free download and launch the software successfully. Create a cover that includes your company name and the title that must be related and attractive. You could also upload each graphic each by each to the front cover and rearrange each graphic to fit around the headline.

  5. 3. Design and produce electronic brochures. The powerful XFlipfree online brochure maker printable also allows you to select uploading graphics, photos and logos to catch your reader's spirit. • 4. Review your brochure. Edit your content and resize or modify pictures if necessary. Publish them to the HTML files easily. If you want to let your readers view the brochures online or on your own website, just upload the HTML file and any images to your web host through a file transfer protocol (FTP) program such as FileZilla or CuteFTP.