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How To Create A Digital, Interactive Learning Playbook PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Create A Digital, Interactive Learning Playbook

How To Create A Digital, Interactive Learning Playbook

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How To Create A Digital, Interactive Learning Playbook

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  1. How To Create A Digital, Interactive Learning Playbook Rachel Brown and Claire Mowling

  2. Products Used • Apple I-Pad • (Provided by the Digital Education Collaborative) • DemiBooks (Composer Pro) • Downloaded from Application Store • The actual “template” creator for the book • Kinovea (This is optional due to difficulty) • Free video analysis software for recorded video

  3. How to Download DemiBooks • Go into App Store and go to search tab (top right hand corner) • Type “DemiBooks Composer” into field and search • Click the DemiBooks Composer (NOT STORYTIME) • Install the App (should appear in your main menu window when download is complete!)

  4. How to Download KinoveaRemember this Program is optional but very useful! • Go online to • Hit the download button (its teal like in color on the right hand side) • When the window pops up hit “Run” • Once download is complete just open the file in the main menu of computer *if you have any issues the manual can be found at this address-*

  5. How to Create Interactive Book on Composer • Click on App on main screen to open program • Once program is open (screen should appear like this)

  6. Creating your Interactive Book (Continued) • Click on the new book tab in the top left corner. • Once you click the button select the orientation of your book then you should get to this screen. • This is the beginning “Skeleton” of you interactive book!

  7. How to Sync Content with iPad and DemiBooks • Open your iTunes and find your iPad on the left column (click into the manager) • Click on the Apps tab along the top of the screen • Once you get to the App manager, Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that page to the “File Sharing” section. • Select Composer App Symbol in the right column • there will be files already synced from the books that came preprogrammed, you may delete all this content if you wish.

  8. Syncing Content(Continued) • Click the “Add” button on the bottom of left column • You can add .mp3, .mov, .jpeg, .png (movies, audio, animations and pictures) • BE SURE TO ADD IPAD VIDEOS!! THEY DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY APPEAR THEY MUST BE ADDED! • You will find those videos in your uploads folder in your computer/documents folders.

  9. If you need extra help with syncing your content! • For Video Tutorial on Syncing • • For all DemiBook Tutorials Visit: •

  10. How to Use DemiBooks • On the top right side of the template screen you will see this: • The “add” will open the ability to insert an • “image” (which is from your itunes content), • “photo” (which is from iPad camera roll), • “text”, • “animation” (where you can pull from your content or create your own frame by frame), • “spinner” (which you most likely will not use) • “movie” (which only pulls from your itunes content!) • Incase you need you need extra help with the “workbench” in composer •

  11. Creating a Page Turn(or any object behavior) • Click the “effects” button in the top right corner • Click on the “behaviors” option then hit the plus sign that appears in the top right hand corner. • The next menu will have 3 options (Name, IF and THEN) • Select name first, IMMEADIATELY NAME THE BEHAVIOR WHAT YOU WISH TO ACCOMPLISH! • After naming go back to the 3 option menu • Select “IF”, be sure the object is correct then click event option • Select your desired event to create the behavior • After selection go back to the 3 option menu again

  12. Creating Behaviors and Page Turns(Continued) • Now select the “THEN” option • A blue menu with 4 options will appear • For page turn or page jump select “ADD FUNCTION” • Select the desired action • Go back and be sure object is correct • Desired behavior should appear on page behavior menu now • For motion (moving an object) select “ADD MOTION” • These last two follow the same process • To have it take reader to a webpage select “ADD WEBLINK”- you will need hyperlink

  13. How to position and fine tune your objects and details of book! • Click the “inspect” button in the top right corner • This allows you to lock objects (so you cannot move them) • Change size and orientation of object • When dealing with videos it changes playback speed as well.

  14. GOOD LUCK!CREATE YOUR FUTURE CAREER TOOL! If you experience any problems, Please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Brown (ITC) at the Digital Education Collaborative Email: Please write Digital Playbook in the Subject Line!