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Kim Williams

OCFO Town Hall. Kim Williams. February 19, 2013. Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Topics. Welcome Uncertainty, Stability, Change & Opportunity OCFO Updates Talent Safety Guest Speaker: Venkat Srinivasan Q&A. Uncertainty: What’s on the Horizon. Federal Landscape

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Kim Williams

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  1. OCFO Town Hall Kim Williams February 19, 2013 Office of the Chief Financial Officer

  2. Topics • Welcome • Uncertainty, Stability, Change & Opportunity • OCFO Updates • Talent • Safety • Guest Speaker: Venkat Srinivasan • Q&A

  3. Uncertainty: What’s on the Horizon • Federal Landscape • Federal Budget Outlook and Sequestration • DOE Leadership Changes • Lab Investment Challenges • Scientific Initiatives: NGLS, JCAP, JCESR • Facility Initiatives: CRT, SERC, Richmond Bay Campus • Operations Initiatives: F$M, Safety Enhancements • Unexpected Demands: Wilson Slide, Old Town • OCFO Challenges • Competing Demands for Budget and Staff Resources • Organizational/Process Transformation Impacts “Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don’t let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.”- R. I. Fitzhenry

  4. $1,110 Potential Sequestration Cut $50 LBNL Funding & Costing ($M) $620 Major Lab Investments* $12

  5. Stability: What isn’t Changing in OCFO?

  6. Stability: What Isn’t Changing in OCFO? • WHAT We Do: Our Contributions to the Scientific Mission Executing Planning Scientists develop original scientific ideas and get funding Scientists perform the scientific work Closeout • RAs manage funding and reporting • OSPIP manages awards and negotiates amendments • Indirect Budget develops forward pricing rates • RAs price and develop proposals • OSPIP reviews and submits proposals and negotiates awards • Direct Budget reviews and submits proposals and manages funding • BSA provides systems planning, testing, support Scientists complete deliverables and report results • Budget Office manages funding and supports DOE Reporting • Procurement procures essential services/materials • Property tracks essential assets • Controller’s Office • Manages institutional accounting & reporting • Pays employees and vendors • Reimburses travel • Operations • Manages conferences & reporting • Trains, manages EH&S • Budget Office and RA’s support final reporting • Controller’s Office, Procurement and Property make sure all the loose ends are tied up “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”- William James

  7. Change: Attitudes Toward Change Here’s one way to look at change: “The world is full of people whose notion of a satisfactory future is, in fact, a return to the idealized past.”- Robertson Davies “Changing is what people do when they have no options left.”- Holly Black Here’s a very different way to look at change: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”- Winston Churchill “Prudent risk management does not equate uncertainty with inaction.”- Steve Chu “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”- Charles Darwin

  8. Change: What is Changing in OCFO?

  9. Strategies & Opportunity Creation

  10. Opportunity: What are OCFO’s Opportunities? “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”- Milton Berle

  11. OCFO Updates - I BUDGET: • New Direct and Indirect Budget Managers • Encumbrance Reporting and WFO B&R Change Initiative Continuation • Federal Budget Tracking, Procurement Rate Analysis Initiative, Ops Budget Drill Down Exercise BUSINESS SYSTEMS: • Completed PeopleTools and Oracle Data Base Upgrade • DOE Lien Reporting • New Conference System Planning Initiated CONTROLLER: • Relocation Services Outsourcing • Electronic Travel Receipts • Procedures Desk Guide Documentation • Property & Travel Policy Updates FIELD OPS: • DOE Encumbrance Reporting Mandates • Division RA Participation on F$M Phase II-A • Staff Hires, Promotions, Moves

  12. OCFO Updates - II F$M: • Phase II Partner Selected: Accenture • Phase II Kickoff February 4 • Global System Design and Organization Readiness Plan July 7 OPERATIONS: • 3rd & 4th Quarter DOE Conference Reporting; New System Planning Initiated • P2C Training Launched • CORE Training of 42 Students Completed OSPIP: • Office of Science Counter Intelligence & Export Control • eSRA Software Development Procurement & Property: • Customer Service Desk Development • Web Site and eBuy Landing Page Revamps • Biosciences Integration Facility Bids - Second Campus • Property Management Physical Inventory Launched • Procurement Organization Transformation (People, Processes, Technology)

  13. Welcome New Employees! Service recognition: HR revamping process; will report at next OCFO Town Hall

  14. Recognizing Performance: SPOT Award Winners • Chuck Axthelm, Safety Spot • Kimmy Cheung, Relocation Team Award • Sharon Chiou, Relocation Team Award • Deb Connell, Financial Management Support Award • Yvonne Deshayes, Relocation Team Award • Cindy Ehsan, F$M Subcontract Award • Maria Navarrette, Relocation Team Award • Yolanda Reyna, Group Move Award • Brendon Smith, ALD Burden Structure Award SPOT

  15. Truck/Traffic Safety Message from the COO

  16. Guest Speaker Venkat SrinivasanStaff Scientist and Department HeadEnergy Storage & Distributed Resources Department, EETDDeputy Director, Integration, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR)

  17. Questions & Discussion

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