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Heaven nor hell

Heaven nor hell

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Heaven nor hell

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  1. Heaven nor hell By: Oswald Harrison

  2. Our story starts in Fawcett City, with young orphan Billy Batson. He was homeless, living alone in a condemned building.

  3. However, he still had to go to school. There, he was often bullied for wearing the same clothes every day, and smelling weird. But it wasn’t his fault; he couldn’t help it. The only friend he had at school was Dexter, another unpopular student. • That day seemed like no exception…

  4. Until, however, a man stormed into the school, demanding to know where Billy Batson was. Billy knew who he was: he Slade Wilson, a mercenary who called himself Deathstroke, the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest assassin”.

  5. Billy ran and hid as Deathstroke searched. He locked himself in the bathroom; he knew what he had to do. He spoke the only word that would save him: Shazam. When the word left his lips, lightning struck him, giving him the powers of the gods, turning him into the hero Captain Marvel

  6. He went back into the classroom. He threw a lightning bolt at Deathstroke, but he quickly dodged the attack. Slade came prepared, he always does; the man uses 90% of his brain! But armed with the wisdom of Solomon, so did Marvel. The lightning bolt was just to cause a distraction to get everyone out; even if it did hit him, Deathstroke was wearing armour made of Nth, a metal from the planet Thanagar, so it would be to no avail. Marvel grabbed him by the throat, and slammed him against the wall. Surprised that Slade didn’t fight back, he asked him what his plan was if it didn’t involve killing him. He told him that he was hired to get Billy to safety.

  7. He told him that Darkseid, an god from the alien planet Apokolips, had a plan to conquer the underworld, and a mysterious mystic was assembling a team of the most powerful supernatural beings to combat Darkseid’s forces

  8. Just then the wall burst. As Captain Marvel and Deathstroke got up, Billy saw his best friend Dexter in the grasp of Lord Sabbac. Scared, Captain Marvel thought for a second. He looked to Slade and nodded. He tricked him into saying his own name, causing lightning from the underworld to strike him, turning back into a man. You see, Sabbac’s powers were activated by a magic word like Billy’s. Deathstroke grabbed Dexter before he would be struck too. They ran to find more help.

  9. Meanwhile, Darkseid’s invasion had reached the Ghost Zone. A demon known as the Violator was leading Apokolipian forces to the Acropolis of Athens, home to Pandora.

  10. Pandora was defending her home with the help of Wonder Woman, an Amazon blessed by the gods, and Spawn, a vengeance hellspawn raised from the dead. They fought them off as hard as they could.

  11. But it was not enough. Their numbers were too large for the three of them to defeat. Desperate, Pandora’s mind turned to the only one who could turn the battle around. Decide was on his hands, but he was their only hope. She knew what she had to do: she had to free Kratos

  12. As she freed Kratos , she informed him of the situation, and told him that he would be free if he helped them. He agreed, grabbed his swords, the Blades of Chaos, and headed out. But he mistakenly attacked Spawn. A battle ensued between them, with Spawn winning. Kratos impaled him with the Blade of Exile, the sword he used to kill the gods of Olympus, but Spawn survived. It hurt, but it was no final blow. Wonder Woman separated the two, and ordered Kratos to fight the onslaught.

  13. After they defeated their enemy, Ares-the god of war- and Black Adam-a one-man-army armed with the power of six Egyptian gods, approached them. Kratos had been betrayed by Ares, and had killed him for it, so he was shocked when he saw him again. Wonder Woman was suspicious too; Ares was a enemy of the Amazons, and they had battled in the past. But they told them that they wanted to team up against Darkseid. Seeing no other choice, they all went off.

  14. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, Deathstroke, and Dexter made their way to Amity Park, where they found local hero Danny Phantom fighting off ghost hunters in the service of Darkseid. Danny was as unaware of what was going on. Deathstroke informed him, and fought on