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  1. Call at 904-619-2510 FLORIDA TRAFFIC TICKETS

  2. About Attorney Kate Mesic • Kate Mesic is an experienced and compassionate trial attorney who has extensive experience in litigating both criminal and civil cases. • In early 2011, Mrs. Mesic launched The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, PA allowing her to combine both her criminal trial and civil trial experience for the benefit of her clients. • Mrs. Mesic is the President of the Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association and serves on the executive boards of the University of North Florida Pre-Law Board of Advisors and is a member of multiple state organizations.

  3. Attorney Kate Mesic handles: • DUI Defense and Criminal Defense • Expungement/Sealing of Criminal Records • Traffic Ticket Defense • Contract Review and Preparation • Business Litigation and Commercial Collections • Judgment Enforcement

  4. Jacksonville Traffic Tickets and Criminal Traffic • If you got a traffic ticket in Duval, Clay , St. Johns or Nassau counties, and are convicted of it, you will receive points. Paying your ticket equals a conviction, and consequently points on your license. • Our office handles all types of civil traffic infractions. • We can help you avoid the points that can raise your insurance rates or even lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. • We can help you fight your traffic tickets in Duval, Nassau, St. Johns and Clay counties. • We are familiar with the system, the clerks, the hearing officers and judges.

  5. Don’t ignore your rights in Traffic Ticket cases! • Fault in an accident • DUI • Speeding Ticket • Suspended or Revoked License (DWLS/DWLSR) • No Valid Driver License • Reckless Driving • Tailgating or following • too close Violation • Driving without a license • Racing on the Highway • Improper U-Turn Ticket • Running a Red Light • Improper Passing • Running a Stop Sign • Wrong Way on a One-Way Street • Careless Driving

  6. Got a traffic ticket? Let us help you to fight it. • If you received a traffic ticket, call our office for a NO COST TO YOU consultation, as you have several options of how to handle your Florida traffic ticket. Remember if you just pay your Florida traffic ticket, you will be adjudicated guilty and points will be added to your driving record. This will also cause your insurance to go up. • A lot of times, our clients don’t even come to our office, everything is handled my email or phone, whichever is more convenient for them. • Call at 904-619-2510 to speak directly with Attorney Kate Mesic.

  7. Contact US Law Offices of Kate Mesic, PA 1912 Hamilton Street, Suite 204, Jacksonville, FL 32210 904-619-2510 904-328-2081