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Best Traffic Ticket Attorneys PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Best Traffic Ticket Attorneys

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Best Traffic Ticket Attorneys

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  1. Dealing with the traffic ticket? Let Stabile Law Firm Help You!

  2. You must be Searching for the Best Traffic Ticket Attorneys in New Jersey. And for sure, you will require an experienced and trustworthy attorney to deal with your ticket. At Stabile Law Firm, we are a team of trusted lawyers who can deal with your traffic ticket effectively.

  3. About Us We are a full-service law firm with concentration in traffic law and DUI - DWI matters in New Jersey. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve traffic violations. The owner of the Stabile Law Firm is Mr. Steve Stabile. During his career, he has represented thousands of clients in municipal courts throughout the State of New Jersey. All the lawyers here are well experienced to understand the technicalities of traffic arena.

  4. Our Services We deal with the following mentioned cases: Reckless driving Speeding Tickets Driving while suspended Improper passing of school bus Failure to stop for traffic light Careless driving Improper U-turn Improper crossing of bridge New Jersey DWI and DUI (Drunk Driving)

  5. What we do? • Firstly, we discover the facts and the information or lack of information provided in the discovery. • Then we collect the copy of evidences the prosecutor have against us. • After analysing the info, we try to dismiss the case in the court and at the very least if the case is not dismissed we try to get minimum penalties. • We have an excellent success rate in winning traffic cases and our lawyers are well experienced in handling all such types of cases.

  6. Contact us Our clients can visit us at the following mentioned address: 900 Route 9 North, suite 214, Woodbridge, NJ 07095 Contact Number: 1-732-602-7795 Public Mail: Facebook: Twitter: Google plus: gmbpt=true&_ga=1.115186183.1858724218.1472044234 Fax: 1-732-602-7796

  7. Thank You!