uses and types of packaging machines n.
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Uses and Types of Packaging Machines PowerPoint Presentation
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Uses and Types of Packaging Machines

Uses and Types of Packaging Machines

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Uses and Types of Packaging Machines

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  1. Uses and Types of Packaging Machines

  2. The moment we step out of the house we can notice so many stuffs and items and commodities that are all nicely packed and packages in containers and plastic bags in a perfect manner. Seeing this one may wonder how these thousands of items are even packed that too at such bulk amounts. The thing is that, today’s would is a market of mass production. And with the production going up and faster every year, the process of packaging these items has developed at the same rate as well. The products nowadays are packed using sophisticated flexible packaging machine. Automatic pouch packing machine and stick pack packaging is used generally for packing food products are semiliquid products.

  3. The packing and packaging machines has come as a great revolution for both the commercial and private sector. The packing and packaging machines are used to pack all kinds of products including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, electrical items, and many more. While manual packing can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process, flexible packaging machinecan perform the same task with greater accuracy, speed and lower manpower.

  4. With the help of packaging machines the rete of packing and packaging can be kept at par with the production rate. Not only that, the importance of packaging has gone far beyond what it was intended for. Packing and packaging saves the product from germs, dust and contamination present in the atmosphere, maintaining the hygiene. It prevents bacteria from affecting the quality of the product and elongates the shelf life of consumable products. Also the products can be stored safely with the help of packing and packaging. Due to these advantages, it has been possible to for producers and manufacturers to meet the excess market demand.

  5. Figure 1: Stick Pack PackagingMachine

  6. While there is a high level of error when the task of packing and packaging is carried manually, the same when done using machines reduces the rate of error significantly. Moreover, there are advanced packing technology which can automatically detect if there are any defect in the process or the product and also programmed to swiftly eliminate such defected items and packs. This feature, further reduces the need of extra manpower. Therefore, the end product that the consumer receives is free of any defect, is perfectly sealed, safe from all the pollutants and contamination, and hygienic.

  7. Importance of packing and packaging the products cannot be overlooked as it provides safety and longevity to the products. It provides longevity to perishable products such as food items, beverages, fruits and vegetables. It provides safety to items that are fragile or breakable, or to add an extra layer of protection to the products, such as glass items. Such products are usually packaged with a layer of cushioning to avoid damages.

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