five mistakes men should avoid while wearing n.
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Five Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Perfume PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Perfume

Five Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Perfume

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Five Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Perfume

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  1. Five Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Perfume The art of wearing a perfume is more than just spraying it around your neck and wrists. You may have found the signature scent that perfectly complements you, but you might be wearing it the wrong way. There is a time and place to wear your signature perfume, and there is also a proper way to use it.Perfume stores in Singapore are rife with choice but not good advice; keep these tips in mind when using perfume to avoid making mistakes. • Not ?eari?g perfu?e o? a regular ?asis 80% of men report that they don’t wear perfume on a regular basis. This is an astonishing statistic. Smelling good is more than the scent from the shower gel or soap that you use. Fragrances affect your mood. Selecting perfume based upon our existing mood can help you get confidence, relax mind and get comfortable. So don’t keep your perfumes just for special occasion, but wear them regularly depending on your mood. • Not ?oisturizi?g your ski? ?efore usi?g perfu?e This is a big mistake men make while wearing perfume. Keep your skin moisturized as it allows your perfume to adhere better to your skin.However, keep in mind that you need to use an unscented moisturizer to avoid clashing with your signature perfume. Apply Vaseline to your wrist and then spray perfume on your pulse points for getting long-lasting effect.

  2. • Spritzi?g fragra??e o? ?lothes Fragrances are formulated for direct skin application, and not on clothes. If you apply perfume on clothes, it may cause stains. Fragrance smells different in the bottle, on clothes, and on your skin; it’s all in the chemistry. Always apply perfume on your body directly and not spritz it on clothes. • O?erdoi?g your sig?ature s?e?t Spritzing our perfume on our pulse points and neck area is enough to smell your best. Overdoing it may cause you and people surrounding you to suffocate.If you love a particular type of scent, such as floral fragrances, then choose a range of floral perfumes so that you can keep on alternating between different floral perfumes on specific occasions and time. • Stori?g your perfume wrong way No fragrance is going to last forever but it will last for a few years if it is stored properly. Perfumes can degrade quickly if they are exposed to extreme cold and hot weather and to direct sunlight. Smelling good is an art and the perfume you select must reflect your personal style. Take the time to do find the right perfume when shopping at an online perfume store in Singapore. Avoid aforesaid mistakes while applying perfume, and smell your best all the time.