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Biospringa | Health Supplements | Food Supplements PowerPoint Presentation
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Biospringa | Health Supplements | Food Supplements

Biospringa | Health Supplements | Food Supplements

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Biospringa | Health Supplements | Food Supplements

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  1. Presents BIOSPRINGA Health Supplement

  2. BIOSPRINGA is a health supplement with a unique combination of 3 superfoods namely -Spirulina, Moringa Leaves Extract, and Citrus Bioflavanoids.It is first of its kind, manufactured by using patented extrusion and spheronization technology. It is a 100% vegetarian product loaded with nutrition values. We strictly made sure to avoid using any kind of fillers. Powerful ingredients used in Biospringa are pro-active in nature.

  3. Star Ingredients and their benefits: 1. Spirulina-it is a natural “algae” (cyanbacteria) powder that is incredibly high in protein and is a good source of antioxidants, Vitamin-B, amino acids and other nutrients. It is considered as the highest source of protein in vegetarian kingdom that is equivalent to egg protein. It contains 26 times milk calcium, richness of iron that is 158% of iron requirement, beta carotenoids for boosting up immune system. It is also anti—allergic and anti-inflammatory. Spirulina is known for burning extra fat during exercise.

  4. 2.Moringa Leaves Extract-it is an essential source of Nutrients, and is powerful Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory. It helps in weights loss and support bones. Moringa is great for brain and heart. It helps in boosting up immune power and is good help in diabetes. 3.Citrus Bioflavanoids-it is biologically active plant compound having profound health benefits. Citrus Bioflavanoids have multiple benefits along with bio active vitamin C. an Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergic, and Anti-diarrheal. It is effectively helpful in maintaining your blood pressure and also help in controlling insulin level, protecting you from diabetes.

  5. Why Biospringa? • It is 100% vegetarian product. • With innovative cutting edge technology our pellets are prepared without any fillers. • Ingredients used in it are pro-active in nature. • It is manufactured using patented extrusion and spheronization technology and it is a non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) product. • It is manufactured at- WHO (World Health Organisation), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO (International Organisation of Standardization), Halal, Koshar, FSSC 22000, and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified facility.

  6. How to consume- Consume 1-3 capsules daily with water or milk.

  7. ITSPOSSIBLE NUTRACEUTICAL LTD. WZ-114, 1st floor, Meenakshi Garden, Near Subhash Nagar Metro Stn.New Delhi-110018 Helpline: +91 85-8888-2345 Business Enquiry:info@mfadirect.comSupport/Other Website-

  8. Thank You For giving us your valuable time