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Six Sigma “Belts” PowerPoint Presentation
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Six Sigma “Belts”

Six Sigma “Belts”

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Six Sigma “Belts”

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  1. -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 Six Sigma “Belts”

  2. Green Belt Defined A part time individual skilled in quality management systems, tools and methods deployed to work on important business problems or opportunities alone or with teams in pursuit of Six Sigma Performance.

  3. Roles and Responsibilities Business Champion Project Sponsor Business Quality Leader Master Black Belt Black or Green Belt Team Members Subject Matter Experts Line Managers & Staff Green Belts

  4. A Brief Reflection • Why were you picked to be a Green Belt? • What business unit do you represent? • What is your experience and education? • What is your present position? • What are your personal reasons for being a Green Belt?

  5. Core Competencies A Common Set of Core Competencies with Specialized Knowledge to Support Business Areas High Medium

  6. Wave Training • Intro to Six Sigma and Define/Measure the Problem • Analyzing and Improving the Process • Managing and Controlling the Process • The Road to Certification

  7. Discipline- Specific Training Discipline- Specific Training On-the-Job Experience On-the-Job Experience Six Sigma Tools & Methods The Green Belt Transformation “Regular” Skill Sets: Green Belt Skill Sets:

  8. A High Bar Cecila Shallenberger is a Black Belt at TRW Systems, a defense and government contractor. We received this email from her: “I trust all is well with you.  All is well here. I realize Six Sigma is all about teamwork, but just this once I thought I'd brag just a little.  I certainly do realize that the following could not have been accomplished without the help of many, many people. I closed 10 charters last year, total benefit $11.84M (although the books show a conservative $10.6M).  62 GBs were trained, and 44 of those were certified.  So far this year, I've got 5 charters in process, and 5 being drafted as we speak.  3 of those include the customer as GBs on the teams. I have about 32 people left on the TCS contract to get onto charters and through training.  GBs are kicking down my door wanting to lead charters. This year, my focus is on creating a lead GB community with 3 BBs being mentored - they will lead the charters, I will lead them.  As you can see, we're doing well.   I'm now going after my BB certification through ASQ to compliment the TRW cert. My thanks go to you for your inspiration. You've created a monster!!! PS  We won 100% of our award fee, . . . ”

  9. Green Belt Project Description Describe Your Project to the Class: • What is the Product or Process? • What is the Problem? Why is it a Problem? How Long Has It Been a Problem? • What Data Do You Have to Support the Problem? • Quality, Cost, Warranty, Delays, etc. • Who “Owns” the Product/Process? • Who Will Sponsor Your Project? • Who Will Help You With Your Project? • When Should The Project Be Complete?