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  2. Video surveillanvce – basic information Video surveillance isin fact the monitoring of space with the aim of protection of people, property, access control and etc. Analogue video surveillancemeans the usage of analogue cameras, BNC connectors, coaxial cables, multiplexers, monitors and recorders for video recording storage. It is based on old-fashioned CCTV analogue technology, coaxial cables, video recordings are stored on VHS,where the colour picture loses in quality after repeated watching, there is no possibility for remote configuration, while in cases of installing additional cameras more cables are needed which results in higher installation price.

  3. IP video surveillance – characteristics IP video surveillanceallows picture and sound sending in real time, for remote surveillance, learning, troubleshooting, an ethernet cable is used, the possibility of video material storage and monitoring over the internet, monitoring of every activity that requires remote control. IP cameras are managed by means of any browser or software for video surveillance that enables remote control and recording via staticand dinamic IP address. Picture quality is much better due to megapixel resolution, details can be sharpened according to needs, camera works 24h and installing of additional camera does not increase the installation price. Another very important advance of IP camera in comparison to analogue is PoE (Power over Ethernet ) switch usage, that is supplied by UPS, which allows camera to work in cases of power failure and makes you feel secure and untroubled.

  4. Blending ofanalogue and IP video surveillance

  5. Importance of resolution and possibility of zooming

  6. Monitoring by means of software

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