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Residential video surveillance PowerPoint Presentation
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Residential video surveillance

Residential video surveillance

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Residential video surveillance

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  1. Is your Video surveillance system solving your problems? Are you using top of the line video surveillance systems for protecting your household from unwanted intruders or stalkers or your surveillance cameras are just acting as a mere scarecrow? Or Is your video surveillance system going to cause you a fortune for a thing you don’t really need? Choosing the right video surveillance system can be the key to ensure maximum protection while being tight on the budget. CCTV Cameras as a great deterrent or big disciplinarian CCTV cameras work as a great deterrent and hence if you have want to deter intruders or criminals from entering your premises then your CCTV cameras should be easily visible as it has been noticed that 95% criminals avoid such buildings which are under CCTV surveillance. If you want to use your surveillance system to instill a fear of being watched over then install CCTV cameras which are hidden so that the occupants remain in disciplined and do not behave in an erratic way. This is more so important for households where young kids are under the protection and care of nannies or baby sitters. A feeling of being supervised always keeps their actions in check and hence you can be more relieved that they’ll do their job better. CCTV as a watchmen or an activity recorder If you want to put CCTV cameras outside your home for watching the people coming to your residence or wandering suspiciously around it then you need a long ranged pan tilt zoom cameras which can record things in detail. Installing high resolution cameras will serve the purpose much better in such scenario as enlarging the pictures would yield better quality results which can be used specifically. But, if you have to watch small confined spaces like living room of your house or other small areas then you don’t need to spend exorbitantly on very high resolution cameras as not only they’ll fill up the storage space fast they’ll even cost you higher for the same job. CCTV in different lighting conditions This is one of the most important factors to consider while installing CCTV cameras that whether they’ll be able to perform in all lighting conditions. Cameras that may work perfectly at night might get blinded by reflection in direct sunlight and hence you must consider this aspect carefully before installing a video surveillance system. Cameras installed outside your home in porch, driveway or looking at the outer boundaries are going to face direct sunlight and darkest nights and hence must be equipped with infrared vision and light countering facilities. The cameras to be installed inside the house are going to be under fair lighting conditions and hence just having an infrared vision cameras will suffice for such areas for effective video surveillance. 1 Do you need your CCTV to record continuously or just record whenever there is any movement? APC America : | 5211 Renwyck Drive, Toledo, Ohio, 43615

  2. Is your Video surveillance system solving your problems? It is an important thing to consider when deciding upon a home surveillance system. If you have installed CCTV outside your home then you would just probably want to record only when there is any movement as this takes up less space on the disk and becomes easy to monitor. But, if the camera is installed inside your house to keep an eye on your child or your child’s nanny’s activities then you’ll probably want it to record continuously as that helps you in observing things clearly. Do you need a hardwired home surveillance system or a wireless one? A wired CCTV can give you better quality and is not dependent upon the distance for receiving good signals so if you are going to install CCTV cameras for watching over large spaces then go for a wired system. However for residential video surveillance the wireless video surveillance systems work perfectly fine and they are even easy to install and highly scalable whereas making any kind of change in wired system is usually a very cumbersome work. What is being watched over? This is one of the most significant points to consider while going for a home surveillance system. If the CCTVs have been installed for watching over the exterior of your residence then you can monitor it once a day when you are free to look for suspicious activity around and it doesn’t need to be streamed live to you. But, if the CCTVs have been installed inside your home for watching over your kids or elderly then having it streamed live on your smartphone or desktop through an inbuilt application would be a better approach as you can easily watch over the concerned whenever you feel like and have complete peace of mind. APC America Offering Best Residential Surveillance Systems from Top manufacturers • Reliable home surveillance systems with better picture quality • Cameras with infrared technology, adjustable lenses and other advanced features for low light conditions • Advanced scalability options for easy future upgrades • Advance remote viewing options with live streaming on your laptop or smartphone for round the clock supervision • If you are looking for highest level of security cover with comprehensive watch then you’ve 2 come to the right place. • APC America is your local Ohio based security partner catering to all your security concerns. APC America : | 5211 Renwyck Drive, Toledo, Ohio, 43615

  3. Is your Video surveillance system solving your problems? • Call now for correct assessment of the perfect residential video surveillance unit for your household with complete reliability. 3 APC America : | 5211 Renwyck Drive, Toledo, Ohio, 43615