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Video surveillance in CitectSCADA PowerPoint Presentation
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Video surveillance in CitectSCADA

Video surveillance in CitectSCADA

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Video surveillance in CitectSCADA

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  1. Video surveillance in CitectSCADA For enhanced safety and security

  2. You require the ability to closely monitor critical processes, high-value equipment and production materials. Safety and security • Facilities often encompass large areas, multiple levels, remote sites and complex layouts • Workers, contractors and visitors are often surrounded by potentially dangerous materials and situations

  3. Video surveillance in SCADA • A visual validation of the actual equipment, perimeter, zone or site in question, helping to improve the quality of decision-making • Takes the guesswork out of responding to process or security incidents • The ability to view your plant remotely • The ability to efficiently supervisethe security of your plant and assets, as well as the safety of your personnel • The ability to monitor remote sites from a central control room.

  4. Pelco cameras • Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment for any industry. • With a long and prestigious history of offering high quality products and exceptional customer service, Pelco has become the most sought-after product supplier in the security industry. • The integration of Pelco cameras allows live video to be viewed within CitectSCADA.

  5. Pelco IP Camera Integration The Pelco camera integration feature is a standard feature of CitectSCADA. Pelco Web Services Pelco Video Viewer - ActiveX Control Pelco PTZ Control - ActiveX Control Pelco Camera Manager Effective remote monitoring functions via pre-programmed positions of the camera pane

  6. A cost effective security solution • Water & wastewater, critical mining, oil & gas and the food & beverage industries, in particular, are eager for first level security monitoring functions such as these: Mining Industry Oil & Gas Industry Water & Wastewater Industry

  7. Simple and smart security in SCADA • Provides operators with greater control over the safety of company assets • Provides them with the ability to rapidly detect potential security concerns • Supplies them with more reliable tools to help supervise people and equipment • Helps them to determine optimal actions remotely and/or centrally

  8. Distinct advantages • Integration of video display on operators’ SCADA screens from camera or DVR on demand • User friendly controls like, Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ), Brightness and Contrast facilitate operator efficiency

  9. Minimal engineering effort • Additional features such as pop-up displays for motion/intrusion detection and linking of events with video functions. • Pelco cameras’ streaming interface is designed to beeasy-to-use. • Minimal engineering cost or effort is required.

  10. On remote sites with no permanent staff • 24/7 Video Surveillance • Linking the SCADA data to the video • Ability to make a context-sensitive assessment of the event • Saving time and money in deploying field staff to inconsequential or not-so-urgent problems

  11. Beyond security • Flexibly manage multiple areas • Monitor critical tools, machinery and other items as your processes and priorities change • Trackthe usage levels of particular assets • Make more informed decisions • Better manage your capital and operating expenditures

  12. End Results (1/2) • Site visits only for genuine security/process incidents, resulting in optimised management of field staff, lower travel costs and smaller carbon footprint • Better informed intervention, due to better understanding of scale of problem and, therefore, less risk to staff in potentially hazardous conditions

  13. End Results (2/2) • Richer, context-sensitive assessment, enabling quicker response time to emergencies and lowering disruption to operations and losses to business • Ability to fix time, context and action of site-based employees by comparing video with process data and improving the ability to track, trace and supervise them using event analysis

  14. The integration of IP cameras with SCADA creates a new level of synergies for organisations by complementing SCADA data with visual information to assist operators in qualifying security threats. This, in the hands of experienced operators, can result in more effective decision-making, quicker response times and improved analysis post-incidents." Ivan Fernandez, Industry Director, Australia/New Zealand Frost & Sullivan

  15. Pelco cameras in CitectSCADA Features Summary

  16. Pelco Web Services

  17. Pelco Camera Integration • The Pelco Device values can be bound to the ActiveX controls properties and the Pelco Viewer will automatically make a connection once it has detected that an IP address has been specified. • Operators can also control cameras from a Client, thereby integrating facilities management with remote security monitoring.

  18. Pelco Camera Pelco Video Streamer ActiveX Control ActiveX component that will connect to Pelco IP cameras Configurable bandwidth usage for slow network connections Auto-resizes video to fit the ActiveX control size

  19. Pelco IP Cameras only Open integration to third-parties via APIs and partners Developed specifically for demands of video security Industry-leading optics Full range of offerings Fixed and PTZ/Dome Integrated camera systems Modular systems Sarix MP Sarix MP Dome Spectra Mini IP Spectra IV IP PelcoIPCameras Supported

  20. Pelco PTZ ActiveX Control Features Controllable with CiCode Communicated with IP Cameras Pan Zoom Tilt Iris Focus Presets Patterns Adjustable Speed

  21. Pelco Camera Manager Add / Edit / Remove cameras in runtime environment Camera configuration stored in DBF files Pre-built Displays: 1 Up 2 Up 4 Up 9 Up

  22. Industry Applications • Oil & Gas industry • Water & Wastewater industry

  23. Remote Security - Video Surveillance • Video security based event monitoring • Security concerns about remote personnel access, equipment and operations • Remote critical process • Interruption in process impacts complete operations • Water utilities, oil field processes, storage, pipelines, electrical substations • Conventional Solution • Traditional SCADA systems transmit and receive standard I/O status • Level, dosage leakage, gas flow, temperature, etc. • Early communication limited efficient transfer of video/large files • Leased phone lines, analog radios

  24. Remote Security - Video Surveillance • Pelco camera + CitectSCADA • Video streaming included with other RTU-monitored parameters • New radio performance (CAPP partner) • Digital radios exceed 100 kbps • Hi-resolution IP cameras (Pelco) • Flexible SCADA software platforms (CitectSCADA) • Video is a viable ‘input’ to be included with other RTU parameters

  25. Remote Security - Video Surveillance • Real-Time video transmitted over high speed IP/Ethernet based radios • Traditional RTU I/O for display • Video streaming • Remotely triggered • Locally triggered • Motion detectors • Access control

  26. Water & Wastewater (1/2) • For a water utility with a multitude of pump stations dispersed across hundreds of kilometres, false alarms or triggered alarms that are not critical would require staff to travel personally to the remote sites to validate if the alarm warranted immediate action. Want to avoid.

  27. Water & Wastewater (2/2) • When a leakage of dosing chemical at a water supply facility is detected, video can show the scale and nature of the problem more intuitively than just I/O data can. • Video will help alert operators to the possible risks at the site prior to the investigation so they can go in better prepared.  Want to have.

  28. Improved water availability • Operation cost benefits - case of false alarm detection

  29. Improved water quality • Security benefits - case of a chemical leak detection

  30. Oil & Gas (1/2) • If a suspicious or unscheduled entry into a remote pipeline or a malfunction in a drilling rig or pump jack at an oil field triggers an alarm, the operator will see an automatic pop-up display of video of the relevant equipment, perimeter, zone or site on their SCADA screen.

  31. Oil & Gas (2/2) • The operator can make a context-sensitive assessment of the event by linking the SCADA data to the video he sees. • Live video can confirm what the alarm indicates or show it to be a false alarm, saving time and money in deploying field staff to what could in fact be only an inconsequential problem.

  32. Onshore Oil Field • Pelco camera offer • With CitectSCADA • CAPP Partner Radio • Remote visualisation would allow personnel at the central control station to watch an actual procedure as it takes place. • If a maintenance crew member’s safety is at risk, an immediate alert could be sent. • Ethernet makes communication nearly instantaneous, helping reduce the risk of injury. • e.g. Identify oil leaks that present environmental hazards or even detect trespassers.

  33. In summary • Intuitive set of ‘eyes on site’ for the operator • Security monitoring functions for industries such as Mining, Water & Wastewater and Oil & Gas. • One simple yet highly effective option • Optimised management of field staff • Less risk to staff in potentially hazardous conditions • Quicker response and reduced disruption to operations • Ability to track, trace and supervise site-based employees

  34. Video in SCADA • Geographically dispersed, critical infrastructure • Timestamped visual validation for quality decision-making • Takes the guesswork out of responding to process or security incidents • Additional layer of protection • A vital part of the security, safety and process optimisation solution

  35. Video surveillance in SCADA for enhanced safety and security.