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  1. ABOUT ENGLISH QUILL & ASSOCIATES (EQA) THE THINGS WE VALUE MOST IMPACT EVERYTHING WE DO. From the initial efforts and passion of one English teacher and her family who started a small English language training firm in 2012, to the collaboration of philanthropists, NGOs and volunteers who helped EQA formed Hope Spring (Yemen) in 2016, and PermataFarhana (Malaysia) in 2018 – English Quill’s journey in providing management services with the aim to assist in helping the poor and illiterate is one of big vision and inspired commitment. Our team consists of dedicated workers who are committed to help our associates create truly sustainable, compassionate care and real empowerment for people of all walks of life in Malaysia and Yemen. Our associates lend their vision and support whilst EQA manages the projects - providing necessary skills, manpower and talents to fulfil the shared vision. Based in Selangor Malaysia, our organizational roots began with a determined Malaysian English teacher who began her career as an English Training Consultant a few years before EQA was officially formed.

  2. Our Story In 2015, EQA Managing Director HazlinaTajudin joined a local NGO as its Excutive Secretary. Hazlina’s outlook and career focus changed from that point onwards from merely an educator to a charity worker who now sees humanity and opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives in all of her project’s undertakings. Our interest in Yemen began in 2016, when a chanced conversation with a student from Yemen brought to light the devastating state the country was in. The subsequent research on Yemen shocked us as the conflict there has caused the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen, yet the world community seems to have either missed Yemen’s desperate need for aid or ignored it. Photos sent directly to us from reliable sources in Yemen left a searing imprint on our hearts and mind: thousands of orphaned children loved by no one and deprived of basic health care. Human beings whose constant companions were hopelessness and despair. Aided by her teammates at the NGO, Hazlina undertook management of the Yemen portfolio and expanded it to include water wells, solar panels for mosques and schools to more complex projects requiring on-going supervision such as micro finance for orphans and others. In 2018 Hazlina left the NGO to fully focus on managing humanitarian based projects via EQA. She now leads our organization whose core service is providing management services for local projects in Malaysia and Yemen. Today, EQA’s reliability in implementing wide ranging and complex projects has earned EQA the trust of her workers, volunteers and collaborators especially in war-torn and difficult to access Yemen where every source of information must be managed carefully and sensitively. To date EQA has 4 divisions under its umbrella including Hope Spring which manages 9 on-going projects in Yemen exclusively. In retrospect, that one conversation between Hazlina and her Yemeni student was the catalyst that had birthed Hope Spring in EQA, transformed EQA to what it is today, and continues to make life changing impact in a humble teacher’s life. Alhamdulillah.

  3. Advisor, Hope Spring Division • Dr. Abdul Rahman is a respected academician from Yemen. He is highly qualified in world literature studies and possesses BA in English, MA in World Literature and PhD in Postcolonial Literature in English. • His professional experience includes administrative works as Vice President - Chief of Staff at University of Science & Technology UST Yemen, and as Open Education Director at University of Science and Technology Malaysia Office. • He actively represents the Yemeni community and causes in Malaysia at official events and also serves as Advisor for EQA Hope Spring Yemen division. • Dr Abdul Rahman has resided in Malaysia for more than 10 years and is also an active sportsman. • Director, EQA Malaysia • Hazlina oversees overall management of the 4 divisions under the umbrella of EQA. • She possesses a Diploma in HR, an Advance Diploma In Islamic Studies, and is a Certified TESOL Instructor. • Aside from a professional career as an English Training Consultant, Hazlina’s work experience includes, Research, Consultancy, and Project Management. • Hazlina has worked in international relief and development for the past 5 years, within an NGO organization as well as partnering with other established non profit organizations to rescue, restore and empower victims of war, particularly in Yemen. • She is an active fundraiser for both local and international humanitarian campaigns. • A loving wife, Hazlina also mothers 22 pet cats in her home. • Principal Trainer, EQ Australia • Hanniegraduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne and Monash University. • She obtained her qualification as a Certified TEFL/TESOL Instructor in 2014 and facilitates training programs for both adult and young learners. • Hannie’swork experiences are varied in the field of Corporate Businesses, Legal, Human Resources and Education. • She is well versed in crisis management and is skilled in diplomatic protocols in dealing with high profile individuals such as businessmen, entrepreneurs and Government Ministers. • Hannieis an avid traveller and has travelled and lived in all the continents.  • She currently resides in Australia and spends most of her time between Australia and South Africa. • Project Director, Hope Spring Division • After his graduation as a Quran Hafidzprotege at the young age of 16, Sheikh Ali travelled and led Tarawih prayers in Europe and Asia for several years before residing in Malaysia with his family. • He currently teaches Quran studies in mosques as well as in companies. • Sheikh Ali was instrumental in the establishment of Hope Spring and presently supervises the implementation of all Hope Spring’s projects in Yemen since 2016. • Sheikh Ali has been living in Malaysia for more than 6 years. • He is gifted with a beautiful Quran recitation talent and is always sought after to lead Tarawih prayers year after year.

  4. News Gallery 23 February 2019 Congratulations to Hope Spring Advisor – Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Maamari for being appointed as one of the distinguished panelist representing the Yemeni community in Malaysia at Stand With Yemen Symposium held at International Islamic Civilisation And Malay World, Taman Duta Kuala Lumpur. Left to right: Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Maamari, PuanHazlina and Sheikh Ali Al-Hory Left to right: Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Maamari, Datuk Seri Dr MujahidYusofRawa, Dr. James M.Dorsey, Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Farouk Musa, Dr Chandra Muzaffar

  5. Al Musaffa Charity Sale with RizqAr Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation @ Publika 2016. Al MusaffaSidr Honey booth at Viva Palestin Charity Fair, Publika Kuala Lumpur. The charity sale was held to support and create awareness of Yemen’s devastating humanitarian crisis. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (current Prime Minister of Malaysia) visited our booth and purchased a jar of Al MusaffaSidr Honey. Looking on from behind (far left) is Dato Dr Musa MohdNordin, President of Viva Palestin Malaysia. Al Musaffa Founder, HazlinaTajudin with a young honey fan.

  6. ENGLISH QUILL & ASSOCIATES Collaborating NGOS Established in 2012, English Quill & Associates (EQA) started as a training services consultancy. Over the years, it’s scope of services expanded to provision of management services : project planning, procurement and project management for both local and international programs in education and humanitarian fields. EQA Project Divisions Foundation For Empowerment (coming soon) Foundation For Health

  7. DIVISIONS: OBJECTIVES: • Foundation for Education. 2012-2019 • English Quill started as a traditional English Training consultancy and provides training services in the English language for various private and government sectors. • Its scope is to provide comprehensive English tutoring for support staff, executive as well as management levels. • Clients include: Kurnia Insurance, Zurich Insurance, Touch n Go, International Islamic University Malaysia, Ministry Of Tourism Malaysia, DRB Hicom Malaysia, Adabi Malaysia, Redville Engineering Malaysia, Emir Group of Companies and others. • This unit is headquartered in Malaysia and has an affiliate in Australia. I • Foundation for Education. 2018-2019 • PermataFarhana’s mission is to provide: • Training in the English language, basic communication skills and home tutoring to underprivileged students. • EQA facilitates this objective by coordinating sponsored classes with individuals/NGOs, managing events and hiring of qualified teaching professionals/volunteers as well as procurement of relevant learning materials. • The name PermataFarhana came from the first orphaned family that this unit had jointly assisted with a local NGO. • Foundation for Development. 2016-2019 • Hope Spring (HSFD) was formed by EQA to facilitate development of infrastructure projects in war-torn Yemen. This division has its own skilled workers based in Yemen and is able to facilitate humanitarian projects for NGOs and other groups. It focuses on helping deliver humanitarian aid to victims of war in Yemen. The name Hope Spring was chosen by EQA’s Yemeni team to reflect the people of Yemen’s hope in rebuilding their country. • Collaborating with NGOs, EQA facilitates this objective by managing events and coordinating deployment of skilled workers to build water wells, installation of solar panels etc and procurement of relevant relief supplies and material either within Yemen or her neighbouring countries. EQA via its HSFD teams in Yemen is able to access, acquire, manage and update a large database of aid recipients in several governates in Yemen.

  8. Foundation for Health: • This division currently manages EQA’s honey brand: • Al MusaffaSidr Honey from Yemen. 2016 -2019 • The objective is to help facilitate economic growth for bee farms in Yemen that is currently facing hardships due to the ongoing war in Yemen. EQA facilitates the import processes of the honey into Malaysia. Logo unavailable • Foundation for Empowerment: • This division facilitates start-up business ideas and capitals for local Malaysian single mothers and orphans. • JariEmasFarhanaMalaysia (coming soon) • A new initiative to assist a family of orphans set up an income generating business. • Collaborating with an NGO, EQA manages the business set-up process, procurement of relevant materials, business space and skills training. Logo unavailable

  9. FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION Provides comprehensive English language training programs, training modules and tutoring to both corporate and private clients. Our pool of teaching team consists of three highly experienced Principal Trainers whose credentials include a qualified Lawyer, an Academic University Professor and a Training Consultant who bring more than 30 years of teaching experience and have taught in various organizations, industries and have presented numerous papers at international conferences and seminars worldwide. Our Trainers: Hazlina Tajudin Hannie Hendroffe Prof. Pn Sri Dr. Faridah Karim

  10. FOUNDATION FOR DEVELOPMENT - YEMEN Driven by purpose, driven by hope. We create opportunities for people worldwide to engage in an experience of shared humanity and meaningful purpose. A division within EQA, HSFD collaborates with NGOs and private entities to help re-build war torn Yemen and provide the needy and orphaned children with the loving care they need to not merely survive, but flourish. By liberating children from situations of homelessnessand poverty, we aim to instill in them an enduring hope that fuels long-term, positive impact within their communities. HSFD is now an established brandname in Yemen and is able to facilitate this objective through its extensive and updated database of needy families requiring aid and skilled workers and volunteers for project deployment.

  11. FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION • Transforming the lives of children in need through nourishing, holistic education • The PermataFarhana program supports underprivileged children by providing an enriching education and nurturing care. Our approach allows us to take a holistic approach, ensuring physical, mental, and emotional well-being. • The program provides classes in the English language, basic communication skills and home schooling to underprivileged students. • EQA facilitates this objective by coordinating sponsored classes with individuals/NGOs, managing events and hiring of qualified teaching professionals/volunteers as well as procurement of relevant learning materials. A family of 10 orphans being home-schooled as they are unable to attend regular schooling due to documentation issues.

  12. FOUNDATION FOR HEALTH • Going beyond the rescue. • EQA through its Al Musaffa unit collaborates with NGOs and facilitates sales and charity events to promote Premium Sidr Honey from bee farms in Yemen. A portion of proceeds goes towards Yemen Relief Fund. TunDr. Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia at Al Musaffa’s charity event with RizqAr Rahman (NGO) at Publika, Kuala Lumpur.


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